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Unity, Wyoming

Developments in the world of Paragons after Unity


  • On the international scene, one development in the wake of the Evanston Incident is the formation of Vanguard under the United Nations Paranormal Action Executive (PAX) committee.
    • Vanguard's mission teams are intended to be groups of paranormals charged with dealing with potential international paranormal threats. Manpower shortages, however, are a significant problem (see below).

The Paranormal Regulatory Agency

  • As a direct reaction to the Evanston Incident, the United States creates the Paranormal Regulatory Agency within the Department of Homeland Security. The agency is best summed up as an FBI specifically targetting paranormals.
  • The PRA is also, in many ways, a reaction to the formation of Vanguard. It is valid to say that conservative wingnuts and their distrust of the United Nations and "concern" for "American sovereignty" had as much influence on the creation of the PRA as did the Evanston Incident.
    • While the agency has been set up, paranormal registration is still a hotly debated topic in congress. A resolution is not expected any time soon.

The Paranormal Studies Institute

  • Adam Alberich is asked[1] to join the Board of Directors for PSI.
  • Dr. David Barton and a small army of researchers begin work on enhancing the effectiveness of PSI's paranormal detector as well as paranormal nullification technology. This is due as much to Adam Alberich's personal requests to Dr. Barton privately as it is the United States goverment's less-than-public requests following the Evanston Incident.

The Mighty Miracle Guardians

  • The Mighty Miracle Guardians are a Japanese national team of paragons. They are backed by a large consortium of Japanese companies and their associated marketing machines. The Mighty Miracle Guardians are larger-than-life heroes and idols of the Japanese people. The MMG roster includes:
    • Ghost Angel Goddess
    • Giant 66
    • Invincible Iron Whirlwind
    • King Fire
    • Resplendent Fighting Phoenix


  • Epicurius is a member of the Pantheon. He takes on his "divine" duties in the vein of Dionysus or Bacchus. He is a paranormal partier. He is paid (the "divine sacrifice" made to him) to attended ultra-high-society events around the world. Whatever his exact paranormal powers might be, they can generally be summed up as "making hedonists look upon with envy".

The Gourmand

  • Noora Lane, or The Gourmand (taken from her online culinary blog), is a paranormal food critic. Her paranormal power is the ability to teleport to any restaurant anywhere in the world. She has become the world's most famous "foodie" and dining establishments around the world wish to cultivate favor with Ms. Lane.

The Patriot

  • The United States government rolls out its own poster-boy paragon, Patriot.[2] Patriot is an army officer that broke out some time in the recent past. Although his paranormal powers are considerable, the public relations machine behind Patriot is very much the equal of those powers.

Alpha Male

  • John Cordwainer Wright III is a Yale drop-out who broke out one night after he and some fraternity brothers were set upon by hoodlums after leaving a bar during a night of slumming. The grandson and son (John Cordwainer Wright I and II) of a former and current United States Senator from Conneticut, Alpha Male has become a media sensation. He now travels the country making public appearences. He also puts his paranormal abilities, notably super- speed and strength, to use when there is time.


  • Nightstalker is a vigilante operating in Detroit. Due to his full-body-suit/armor, it is difficult to tell whether Nightstalker has direct paranormal abilities or not. He tends to deal, harshly, with drug and gang violence crimes. He maintains a website where the people of Detroit's inner-city can post information on possible criminal activity for the Nightstalker to "investigate".


  • Is a somewhat strange would-be hero. He appears to have the paranormal ability to bring-to-life and control manikins, as it is "living manikins" that are reported by those "captured" by Man-A-Kin. Despite the oddity of his ability, Man-A-Kin has garnered a following including the Man-A-Nites internet fan group. Man-A-Kin operates in Pittsburgh.

Kevin and Derek Molloy

  • The boys are still quite hesitant about remaining in Unity. However, their trust in Adam Alberich has settled them down considerably. They trust him because they do not get the same feeling as they got when anyone of Unity would touch them. Also, Unity has "grown up" and is better able to fine-tune the actions of the people who comprise Unity.
  • The two boys will slowly adjust to the "new" way-of-life in Unity. The boys are only eight and twelve-years-old respectfully and Adam has trust funds set up for each of them to help them in their later adult lives.


  • AlberichCorp and its many subsidiaries take shape over the next few months. Its phenomenal growth is mostly attributed to buy-outs of many smaller companies and restructuring them to become some small part of the AlberichCorp umbrella organisation.

The Unity, Wyoming PSI research team

  • Through official Unity police channels (courtesy of Unity), the PSI research team under Dr. Barton is declared deceased due to "indirect factors related to the creature refered to as Rampage and the Evanston Incident".

Unity Maximum Security Prison

  • The AlberichCorp-owned maximum security prison in Unity, Wyoming is built in just six months. Thanks to Unity themselves, the speed of construction is due almost entirely on the non-existence of bureaucratic red-tape.

Zero Latitude

  • Zero Latitude is basically Greenpeace if it were made up mostly of paranormals. They attempt to repair environmental damage as well as agressively and pro-actively prevent new damage. Their biggest success story has been reducing Amazon rainforest logging by 70% through intimidation of the logging companies. Obviously, Zero Latitude is either greatly loved or greatly reviled. It's not hard to suspect what sorts of people would be on which side.

Six months after the events in Unity

General information

  • The Unity Maximum Security Prison begins accepting its first inmates. The administration and guards are made up entirely of residents of the town of Unity all of whom have been incorporated into Unity. The inmates too become incorporated into Unity.
  • Several large explosions, spaced approximately six weeks apart, occur in Israel. Paranormal involvement is suspected due to the lack of any significant physical evidence for a bomb. A massive security crackdown is instituted.
  • A rash of serious and inexplicable fires occur in the Boston area, exclusively in poorer neighborhoods. Arson is suspected, but there is a remarkable lack of physical evidence. Eyewitnesses report seeing a victim in flames and terrible agony running from the blazes. However, no bodies have been found and no hospitals report burn victims with injuries equal to what the eyewitness descriptions would seem to imply.
  • Adam Alberich attends a gala charity event in Manhattan. There he meets the gala's host, Haruko Saeki, a beautiful Japanese woman who owns a media empire. Much of her media enterprises tend towards enhancing anti-paragon sentiment.[3] She explains it as giving the other side of the story in a media market dominated by paranormal adulation.
  • In her role as a data analyst, Rhaine Sommers makes a curious discovery. She locates many stories of mini-riots breaking out in towns and cities, large and small. All occur in public places (stores, etc.) and involve no more than a few dozen people. Most of the riots end with some of the participants falling unconscious. There are many reports of people being robbed (while unconscious), mainly of cash. Several surveillance videos back up the robbery claims. The videos all show the same thing: a woman in her early-twenties with an infant.
    • Rhaine also gleams another important piece of information that the authorities have seemingly yet to become aware of. All of the towns and cities where these mini-riots have occured follow a national bus line route roughly west to east.

Paranormals in general

  • The world's population of paranormals is estimated to be perhaps 300,000 or 0.00005% of the global population. While all paranormals have abilities that are, obviously, paranormal, only about 0.5% or 1,500 of those 300,000 are estimated to have abilities that would be considered stereotypically on the level of science fiction or comic books.

Seven Thunders

  • A young male paranormal with fire-based abilities attacks sunday services at the Seven Thunders church in Laramie, Wyoming. Several parishioners are killed. Guards at the church eventually kill the perpetrator. Rev. Luke Butler (of the Seven Thunders) and Rep. George Youngblood (R-WY) call for immediate action to be taken. This leads to emergency federal funding for the newly opened AlberichCorp-owned Maximum Security Prison in Unity, Wyoming to research enhancements for the incarceration of paranormal inmates. The research contract goes to the Protection from Paranormals Corporation.

The Pantheon

  • A "rogue" political group in Myanmar makes a proposition to the Pantheon. If the Pantheon were to overthrow the military junta that rules Myanmar, the people would allow the Pantheon to create a new government in the country.
    • The offer was made despite (or, oddly, perhaps due to) the destruction visited upon Myanmar from the tidal waves produced by the Pantheon's raising of Hearthstone from the bottom of the sea.
    • Although the "rogue" group did not speak for even a majority of the people of Myanmar, the Pantheon's actions were generally welcomed in country. The United Nations and the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom are very vocal in their protests againsts the actions of the Pantheon.

Zero Latitude

  • Over the course of two weeks, water flows down the Chari River in Africa in a flood of what the media describes, in somewhat overblown terms, as "Biblical" proportions. The flood is so massive that it fills Lake Chad back to levels not seen since the 1960s. The flood, spread over two weeks rather than as a sudden burst, claims few lives. Paranormal involvement is suspected with the environmentalist group, Zero Latitude primarily considered. This is confirmed by an internet video of an African woman, a ZeLat cell member styling and naming herself after the Marvel Comics character Storm, taking credit for the flood.

Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • The category five hurricane, Janice, makes landfall in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Prior to landfall, the Mexican government had requested aid from the United States. The usual types of aid were put into action. The U.S. government also offered to send the Patriot to help. This was accepted by Mexico. Just prior to landfall, Patriot engages in a conflict with several Zero Latitude members who had been in Quintana Roo due to the "faunal crisis" there. As Janice makes landfall, the two sides make an uneasy truce and work together to mitigate the storm's effects. In the wake of the hurricane, one ZeLat is killed. However, damage and loss of life is generally relatively minor given the storm's strength.


  1. ...and accepts assumingly.
  2. Patriot is the paragon on the cover of the Paragons sourcebook.
  3. Secret Alberich Foundation groups, Citizens for a Safer Tomorrow and Paranormal Citizens League have each gotten fairly positive and negative coverage respectfully.

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