Drain and Nullify movement

  • Drain movement cannot drain normal movement. Normal movement is considered to have the Innate power feat by default.
  • Drain removes PP from movement powers (except those with the Innate PF) as per Drain (Ultimate Power p.43-45).
  • Nullify movement does not work on normal movement as per Innate above.
  • Nullify movement does work on movement powers as per Nullify (Ultimate Power p.68-69).


  • Ultimately, I would say to use all 7pp to get ten PL4 minions. This would be:
  1. Data analyst
  2. Chief of security
  3. Private detective
  4. (Paranormal Studies Institute) PSI scientist
  5. (Paranormal Regulatory Agency) PRA agent
  6. Paramount Club (Neon stratum) member
  7. Personal Secretary
  8. Bodyguard 1
  9. Bodyguard 2
  10. BlackOps teamleader[1]
  11. BlackOps teammember 1
  12. BlackOps teammember 2
  13. BlackOps teammember 3

Minion names

  • I think that we could really use some names for the minions. I'll make up some, but feel free to change them if you like.
  1. Data analyst - Rhaine Sommers (fanatical)
  2. Chief of security - Jeremiah MacCambridge
  3. Private detective - Brian Holton[2] - Timothy Olenski
  4. (Paranormal Studies Institute) PSI scientist - Dr. David Barton[3]
  5. (Paranormal Regulatory Agency) PRA agent - Thomas Dagget (indifferent)
  6. Paramount Club (Neon stratum) member - Kenjiro Tatsukage

Special minion rules

  • I want the PRA agent to have an indifferent attitude (Diplomacy skill, M&M rulebook, p.46) towards you.[4] This represent you having something on the agent that got by the security screening he went through. Indifferent is two steps "down" from helpful. Because of this, you may pick one of your existing minions or one of the TBDs to have a fanatical attitude.
    • I have backtracked from my idea in our email conversation. I would like all minions to remain at helpful attitude except for the story suggestion above.


  • You can learn Subtle powers. They are a DC20 Notice check which is probably automatic for you. You cannot detect, and thereby cannot copy, Subtle 2 powers. You also cannot copy powers with the Innate power feat.


  • Duplication can end up being very problematic. The number one main rule is that none of you duplicates gets your Variable power. They do, however, get your super-senses. So, super-senses plus the Mental Link power feat could allow you to copy powers more quickly.
  • It will be even more bookeeping on your part, but the duplicates do get any powers that you had activated with Variable power (asside from the aforementioned duplication power) when the duplicate was created. This means that each duplicate could have a slightly different power set.
  • The points to spend on these other powers depends on how much of your Variable power Duplication is costing. So, using the Duplication power exactly how Proxy has it would cost 41pp. That would leave 29pp for you to "assign" to the dupicate. Powers assigned to a duplicate are fixed.

Permanent duration powers

  • You can copy and use permanent duration powers with your Variable power. However, you cannot use the power as though it had a permanent duration. When you use powers that are normally permanent in duration you must decide if your use of the power will be as a sustained or continuous duration. Using a power that is normally permanent in duration as a sustained duration is a net +0pp/rank change (as such it costs the same number of power points as the permanent version). Continuous is a net +1pp/rank which is essentially double the cost of the permanent version.


  1. The basic thought here is that these would be the people who "recover" spark-party "successes". They could, of course, be used for many other purposes
  2. Rendered part of Unity
  3. I suggest we simply make this Dr. Barton rather than the generic scientist we originally considered. It also would better explain the minion being PL4 rather than PL1.
  4. The attitude for minions is normally helpful by default.

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