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After Unity


Alberich estate

Evanston, Wyoming


The Pantheon

  • A "rogue" political group in Myanmar has made a proposition to the Pantheon. If the Pantheon were to overthrow the military junta that rules Myanmar, the people would allow the Pantheon to create a new government in the country.
    • This offer is made despite (or, oddly, perhaps due to) the destruction visited upon Myanmar form the tidal waves produced by the Pantheon's raising of Hearthstone from the bottom of the sea.
    • Although the "rogue" group does not speak for even a majority of the people of Myanmar, the Pantheon's actions are generally welcomed in country. The United Nations and the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom are very vocal in their protests againsts the actions of the Pantheon.

The Seven Thunders

  • A teenager, member of a fanatical Seven Thunders family, breaks out. His breakout leaves him with Nightcrawler-esque powers and physical appearance.
    • The boy is conflicted between who he is now and what he thought he believed about paranormals.
    • His family has completely disowned the boy and have asked Rev. Luke Butler for help and advice for dealing with their "son".

  • A microbiologist, who is also an ardent Seven Thunders believer, develops a "cure" for paranormal powers. The catch is that the microbiologist is, unknown to himself, a paragon and his "cure" is basically an ACME-device.
    • The "cure" is: Device 16 (easy to lose; Nullify 20 [all powers at once; Extras: Duration - Continuous, Alternate save - Fortitude]. This version is a tranquilizer gun-like device. There is also a Device 12 version which is as above except that the Nullify adds Flaws: Range -Touch.

Church of Jesus Christ, Paragon

Paranormal Regulatory Agency

Paramount Club


Exodus: Earth

  • A paragon with amazing (15 to 18 ranks) levels of teleportation and ESP (to scout out destinations) abilities links up with a wealthy and visionary patron.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • Summary: The Initiative, frustated by being unable to discern the nature of paranormal powers and desiring to bring about a final conflict between the paragons and normal humans, devises a plan to link the paragon phenomenon to ficitonal aliens.
    • The Initiative knows of Dr. Julian Gaither and his Harbingers organization. They intend to use The Harbingers as dupes.
  • The first stage of the plan is to covertly infect select paranormals with a DNA altering virus. The alterations to the paranormal DNA is very specific and is meant to link the paragons to the fictious aliens.
    • The infected paranormals are to then be murdered so that legitimate authorities can conduct the necessary forensic tests and have knowledge of the altered DNA disseminated, most especially to The Harbingers.
    • Simultaneously, Haruko Saeki uses her media empire to subtly influence public opinion towards the possibility that the paragons may be alien in nature. Culminating in hints of a possible alien invasion.


Jeremiah Prophet

  • What is the Vision? Options:
    • Something terrible on a global scale involving Unity, Adam Alberich, or both?
    • A Galactus-esque world-destroyer?
    • Nuclear war?
    • A paragon war that devastates the Earth?

The Burning Man

  • The Burning Man should be one of the first paranormals catalogued by the data analyst for the database. The following information would quickly come to light:
    • A rash of serious and inexplicable fires have started in the Boston area, generally in poorer neighborhoods.
    • Arson is suspected, but there is a remarkable lack of evidence.
    • Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a victim in flames and terrible agony running from the blazes. However, no bodies have been found and no hospitals report burn victims with injuries equal to what the eyewitnesses descriptions would seem to imply.

Mr. Zero

  • Adam Alberich's data analyst, tenatively named Rhaine Sommers, is one of Mr. Zero's duplicates.

Dr. David Barton

  • He has been assimilated by Unity.



Adam Alberich

  • Minions
    • Adam's data analyst, tenatively named Rhaine Sommers, is one of Mr. Zero's duplicates.


High-tech noise-canceling earplugs

  • Nullify 12 (Sonic effects [1pp/rank]; Extras: Duration [Continuous, +3], Action [Reaction, +3]; Flaws: Range [Personal, -2]) - 60ep

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