Advosze UAA

A M'Tar

The M'Tar are an alien race characterized by their short stature, large black eyes, and enlarged cranium, the M'Tar were native to the planet Rigel IX. Their skulls were punctuated by a short, thick horn which protruded from the center of their forehead. Their ears were short and pointed, and grew close to the skull. Despite the inhosptiable nature of Rigel IX's environment, the M'Tar managed to evolve and grow as a species and as a civilization. Their large eyes allowed them to see in the murky light. Rigel IX's constant tectonic activity instilled a sense of skepticism and pessimism, as the M'Tar cities were continually being rebuilt after natural disasters. A herbivorous race, the M'Tar were known to become violently ill should they consume any form of animal protein. Their technology mirrored that found in much of the galaxy, although they tended to build it on a smaller, more transportable scale. The basic tenet of M'Tar society was simple: plan for the worst, control all possible variables, and survive.

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