This is a complete list of MAD episodes, in the order in which they were aired.

Season 1Edit

(Season 1 aired from September 6th, 2010 - June 20th, 2011)

Episode 1: Avaturd, CSiCarly (original airdate: September 6, 2010) (Parody of Avatar, CSI: Miami and ICarly)

Episode 2: Trans-Bore-Mores, Star Wars: The Groan Wars (original airdate: September 13, 2010) (Parody of Transformers, Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

Episode 3: 2012 Dalmatians, Grey's in Anime (original airdate: September 20, 2010) (Parody of 2012 and 101 Dalmatians, Grey's Anatomy and Anime Characters)

Episode 4: Star Blecch, uGlee (original airdate: September 27, 2010) (Parody of Star Trek, Glee)

Episode 5: Wall-E-Nator, Extreme Renovation: House Edition - Superman's Fortress of Solitude (original airdate: October 4, 2010) (Parody of Wall-E and Terminator, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Superman)

Episode 6: Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End, Batman Family Feud (original airdate: October 11, 2010) (Parody of Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan, Batman and Family Feud)

Episode 7: Cliffordfield, Big Time Rushmore (original airdate: October 18, 2010) (Parody of Clifford, the Big Red Dog and Cloverfield, Big Time Rush and Mt. Rushmore)

Episode 8: Fantastic Megan Fox, Mad vs. Wild (original airdate: October 25, 2010) (Parody of Fantastic Mr. Fox and Megan Fox, Man vs. Wild)

Episode 9: I Love you, Iron Man; Ben 10 Franklin (original airdate: November 1, 2010) (Parody of I Love You, Man and Iron Man, Ben 10 and Benjamin Franklin)

Episode 10: Class of the Titans, Zeke and Lex Luthor (original airdate: November 8, 2010) (Parody of Clash of the Titans, Zeke and Luther and Lex Luthor)

Episode 11: S'Up, Mouse M.D. (original airdate: November 15, 2010) (Parody of Up and Jersey Shore, House M.D and Mickey Mouse)

Episode 12: The DaGrinchy Code, Duck (original airdate: November 22, 2010) (Parody of The Da Vinci Code and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Chuck)

Episode 13: Snott Pilgrim vs. The Wonderful World of Disney/Malcolm in the Middle Earth (original airdate: February 7, 2011) (Parody of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Malcolm in the Middle and The Lord of the Rings)

Episode 14: Pokémon Park, WWER (original airdate: February 14, 2011) (Parody of Pokémon and Jurassic Park, WWE and ER)

Episode 15: So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance/Yo Gagga Gagga! (original airdate: February 21, 2011) (Parody of So You Think You Can Dance and How to Train Your Dragon, Lady Gaga and Yo Gabba Gabba!)

Episode 16: The Straight A-Team/Gaming's Next Top Princess (original airdate: February 28, 2011) (Parody of The A Team, Video Game Characters and America's Next Top Model)

Episode 17: The Buzz Identity/Two and a Half Man (original airdate: March 7, 2011) (Parody of Buzz Lightyear and The Bourne Identity, Two and a Half Men)

Episode 18: Are You Karate Kidding Me?/The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air (original airdate: March 14, 2011) (Parody of The Karate Kid, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and District 9)

Episode 19: Hops/Naru-210 (original airdate: April 25, 2011) (Parody of Hop and Cops, Naruto and 90210)

Episode 20: KoBee Movie/Law & Ogre (original airdate: May 9, 2011) (Parody of Kobe Bryant and Bee Movie, Law & Order and Shrek)

Episode 21: Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana (original airdate: May 16, 2011) (Parody of Winnie the Pooh and True Grit, Hannah Montana)

Episode 22: The Social Netjerk/Smallville: Turn Off the Clark (original airdate: May 23, 2011) (Parody of The Social Network, Smallville and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark)

Episode 23: Twigh School Musical/Avenger Time (original airdate: May 30, 2011) (Parody of Twilight and High School Musical, Avengers and Adventure Time)

Episode 24: ArThor/The Big Fang Theory (original aridate: June 6, 2011) (Parody of Arthur and Thor, The Big Bang Theory and Twilight)

Episode 25: Ribbitless/The Clawfice (original airdate: June 13, 2011) (Parody of Limitless and Kermit the Frog, The Office and X-Men)

Episode 26: Force Code/Flammable (original airdate: June 20, 2011) (Parody of Source Code and Star Wars, Katy Perry's Song Firework)

Season 2Edit

(Season 2 aired from August 22, 2011 - Present)

Episode 1 (27): Rio-A/Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine (original airdate: August 22, 2011) (Parody of Rio and Green Lantern, Thomas the Tank Engine and Unstoppable)

Episode 2 (28): Super 80's/Captain America's Got Talent (original airdate: August 29, 2011) (Parody of Super 8 and The 80's, America's Got Talent and Captain America)

Episode 3 (29): Kung Fu Blander/Destroy Bob the Builder Destroy (original airdate: September 5, 2011) (Parody of Kung Fu Panda 2, Destroy Build Destroy and Bob the Builder)

Episode 4 (30): Pirates of the Pair of Tweens/Konan the Kardashian (original airdate: September 12, 2011) (Parody of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Conan the Barbarian and Kim Kardashian)

Episode 5 (31): Fast Hive/Minute to Flynn It (original airdate: September 19, 2011) (Parody of Fast Five and Winnie the Pooh, Minute to Win It and Tron)

Episode 6 (32): Cowboys & Alien Force/ThunderLOLCats (original airdate: September 26, 2011) (Parody of Cowboys & Aliens and Ben 10: Alien Force, ThunderCats and Lolcat)

Episode 7 (33): Transboremores 3: Dark of the Blue Moon/The Walking Fred (original airdate: October 3, 2011) (Parody of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Smurfs, The Walking Dead and Fred Figglehorn)

Episode 8 (34): X-Games: First Class/Criminal Minecraft (original airdate: October 17, 2011) (Parody of X-Men: First Class and The X-Games, Criminal Minds and Minecraft)

Episode 9 (35): Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas/How I Met Your Mummy (original airdate: October 24, 2011) (Parody of Kitchen Nightmares and The Nightmare Before Christmas, How I Met Your Mother)

Episode 10 (36): Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody/Tater Tots & Tiaras (original airdate: November 7, 2011) (Parody of Footloose and Wolverine, Toddlers & Tiaras and Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head)

Episode 11 (37): Demise of the Planet of the Apes/The Celebrity Ape-Rentice (original airdate: November 14, 2011) (Parody of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Apprentice and Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Episode 12 (38): Money Ball Z/Green Care Bear (original airdate: November 21, 2011) (Parody of Moneyball and Dragon Ball Z, Care Bears and Green Lantern)

Episode 13 (39): Spy vs. Spy Kids/The Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker (original airdate: November 28, 2011) (Parody of Spy Kids: All the Time in the World and Spy vs. Spy, Millionaire Matchmaker and Superheroes)

Episode 14 (40): Captain Ameri-can't/My Supernatural Sweet 16 (original airdate: December 5, 2011) (Parody of Captain America: The First Avenger, My Super Sweet 16 and Supernatural)

Episode 15 (41): FROST/Undercover Claus (original airdate: December 12, 2011) (Parody of Toy Story 3, LOST and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Undercover Boss and Santa Claus)

Episode 16 (42): WWE Bought a Zoo/Cookie Blue (original airdate: January 23, 2012) (Parody of We Bought a Zoo and WWE, Rookie Blue and Cookie Monster)

Episode 17 (43): TBA (original airdate: January 30, 2012)

Episode 18 (44): TBA

Episode 19 (45): Sesame Street of Star Command: The Adventure Begins/The AristoDisney

Episode 20 (46): TBA

Episode 21 (47): TBA

Episode 22 (48): TBA

Episode 23 (49): TBA

Episode 24 (50): TBA

Episode 25 (51): Animaniacs Of The Africa/The Penguins King

Episode 26 (52): TBA

Episode 27 (53): TBA

Episode 28 (54): TBA

Episode 29 (55): The Flash Fox And The Hulk Hound/Kung Fu Blander Holiday

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