Welcome to the MBA mini wiki at Scratchpad!

You can use the box below to create new pages for this mini-wiki. Make sure you type [[Category:MBA]] on the page before you save it to make it part of the MBA wiki (preload can be enabled to automate this task, by clicking this link and saving that page. Afterwards, you may need to purge this page, if you still see this message).

The MBA Wiki is a wiki focused on concepts studied in actual MBA programs. Anyone may edit these pages, but you should not change (and especially not delete) material unless you are fairly certain of its correctness. If there is potentially some dispute about certain facts, please use the discussion page to provide a justification for your edit.

No copyrighted materials should be posted to these pages. Also, these pages should not be used to assist in plagiarism or unfair sharing of work.

Major Areas of Study

Economics of Management
Legal and Ethical Management
International Business
Financial Decision-Making
Marketing Management
Electronic Business Systems
Managing Change
The Leadership-Management Challenge
Innovation in Operations
Strategies in a Global Environment

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