A set of warning messages in run.log followed by the fatal error. WARNING: Delphi failed at focusing depth 1 of NTR01A0001_001, retry

  Trying moving the center on trial 5
  FATAL: too many failed delphi runs (5), quitting...
  Fatal error reported by conf_energies(), QUIT

The simplest error is that the program is not finding the DelPhi directory. Make sure that line in run.prm ending in (DELPHI_EXE) has the link to the correct directory rather than MCCE_INSTALLATION

  MCCE_INSTALLATION/bin/delphi DelPhi executable             (DELPHI_EXE)

(**MCCE_INSTALLATION in the run.prm should be changed everywhere when you install the program).

There is another more terrible DelPhi error which will give you "too many failed delphi runs". Here DelPhi crashes drawing the boundary. There is no simple fix. The program automatically tries to move the protein relative to the grid, which sometimes will succeed. This is done automatically and reported in the log file. A trick which sometimes works is to change the size of some of the atoms in that residue - just by 0.05 A. Yucky but it may help you run the protein.

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