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  • peh.tpl file is created for PEH, di-stearoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylethanolamine - Yifan 06/27/2006
  • PEH appears in cytochrome c oxidase structure 1M56 and 1M57.

Conformer Type

  • PEHBK: neutral tail
  • PEH01: zwitterion form: +1 charge on amino group, -1 charge on carboxyl group
  • PEH-1: anionic state: 0 charge on amino group, -1 charge on carboxyl group


  • pKa,sol = 9.8. Ref: Tsui et al. Biophys. J. 49, 459


  • Charge on the phosphate group is taken from GROMACS:
    Ref: A. W. Schuettelkopf and D. M. F. van Aalten (2004) PRODRG - a tool for high-throughput crystallography of protein-ligand complexes. Acta Crystallogr. D60, 1355--1363.
    Ref. Need to add GROMACS ref too.
  • Charge on the phosphate group is the same for PEH01 and PEH-1
  • terminal amino group uses PARSE charge of LYS01 for PEH-1 and LYS+1 for PEH01

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