Nine years after the birth of the First Galactic Empire, the Imperials' influence can be felt everywhere. With a dictatorship in control, rebellion blossoms and where there is rebellion, there is arms smuggling. Captain Nic White and the crew of the Echo have taken advantage of this fact and have just fulfilled a lucrative contract by smuggling weapons to the independent space station A12-76.

The crew take on a new job: a long haul flight transporting swoop bikes to the restricted world of Alderaan. Always on the look out for opportunities to make more money, First Mate Jana Vincent goes looking for passengers who are desperate for transport to the peaceful world.

A fugitive Jedi, Ryshana Oliaya sees her chance to escape her Imperial pursuers by seeking transport aboard the mercenary freighter. Not realizing their passenger is a Jedi, Jana also takes on a high paying extradition contract, bringing aboard the infamous ‘Galaxy Killer’ and an Alderaan escort officer.

With their passengers on board and a full cargo hold, the crew have to make a rapid departure when stormtroopers come marching towards the ship. The crew then engage in a fight around the station against TIE fighters seeking to stop their escape. The crew are victorious and escape the Imperials by jumping into hyperspace.

In hyperspace with the crew all asleep, the prisoner takes the opportunity to escape and manages to kill Officer Wade before he disabling the hyperdrive. Nic discovers the prisoner and attempts to subdue him. Just as it appears he's getting the upper hand, Jana awakens and appears in the room. The ‘Galaxy Killer’ takes her at knifepoint and attempts to drag her towards the ship's Headhunter so he can escape. All seems lost until Ryshana uses her Force powers to save Jana and manages to flush the psychopath out of the Echo’s airlock.

With the prisoner problem dealt with, another arises when the ship's proximity alarms sound, and an Imperial Dreadnaught drops out of hyperspace, declaring they are hunting the Jedi. Her cover blown, Ryshana tries to convince the crew to take to Alderaan. She ends up saving Nic from a falling support beam in the common room. Nic takes her to the medbay just as the Echo escapes into hyperspace.

After Ryshana regains consciousness, Nic offers her a safe haven on board his ship...

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