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Ever spent a slow, blank evening channel surfing multi-channel cable or sattelite TV? Ever noticed that there is no channel dedicated to covering philantropic, economic development, evironmental protection and pro-peace projects? How many tens of thousands of Western helpers have courageously travelled into the darkest and hardest spots in Africa, made a difference ... and then returned home, their experience stories and advice lost.

Consider the value, importance and usefulness of a central indexed store of individual NGO Field Operator's personal stories, case studies, best practices, lessons learned and hard-earned field advice.

Rule Change Opportunity: NO COST Internet back-end digital video distribution systems such as YouTube absolutely annihilate all the old TV and video distribution rules, making possible whole new ways to gather, store and present important information. It's a sea-change. Concept: a very simple interface onto a YouTube-stored database of videoblogs and clips pretty much covering any and every effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Africa. Encourage use of Google Earth front-end to help organise and communicate. Encourage use of Snarfer RSS reader (and expected custom skin feature) to keep "tabs" on updates.

Making this project work: 1. Create example content. 2. Develop videoblogging tips, tricks and traps document. 3. Spread the word to NGOs with field operators heading towards Africa. 4. Evolve and have a ball!

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