9th October 2007

The micronation calling itself "Egypt" has been prosecuted by the United States Government today for conspiracy, war crimes and high treason.

The micronation, based at Parkway Central, is an oligarchy with approximately five members. They were high Councilman ouncilman Jacob Didier, Councilman Josh Sundermeyer, Councilman Ben Kweskin, and Councilman Charles Qin.

This micronation was split by military action after a tip from this reporter that the nation was planning a revolt to control the US Government. They stormed in today right after second period, setting off the intruder alarm and setting the school into panic.

When the Councilmembers were found following a 5-hour long cat-and-mouse chase through the Main Commons, they were immediately hanged without trial or ceremony. President Bush justifies this by saying that they are "terraists".

The Parkway School District is hereby suspended for questioning as to how such a dangerous enemy (five retarded teenagers) could be hiding in their midst. The Superintendent replied with confusion.

"What?" he stated very smartly.

Families of the fallen have been informed and are holding a mass funeral tomorrow, however, no burial will take place as the bodies were lost on the way to the morgue.

November 19, 2009

Rumors that at least one of the five survived the hanging are confirmed.  They evidently were assisted in their escape by a mysterious entity known only as K. 

Councilman Sundermeyer was spotted yesterday surveying the school.  Suspicions that he was plotting the return of Egypt were confirmed when schematic drawings of the school were found nearby.  Didier was spotted gathering materials for possible weapons.

An inside souce was interviewed revealing how the organization was structured.  The mastermind of the plot is a mathematical genius called Henry Cao.  Evidently was only a figurehead and his duties cerimonial.  Didier was the first Pharoh until replaced byndermeyer was the architect, and responsible for planning the pyramids.  Qin and Kweskin were in charge of security and survailance, and with Sundermeyer currently doing surveilance, it is speculated that they did not survive.

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