Model Number: MIST-GN-001
Code Name: Gundam Nereid
Unit Type: High-performance infiltration mobile suit
Manufacturer: MIST
Operator: Andreas Avel Deslaur
Accommodation: Single pilot in 3-panel cockpit
Dimensions: Head height, 16.7 meters
Weight: 8.4 tons empty, 26.3 tons full
Construction: Gundanium alloy on movable frame
Powerplant: Ultra-compact fusion reactor, power rated at 5473kW
Vernier/Apogee Motor: 18, 38 with wing binders
Propulsion: 2 x 55 000kg vectored thruster, mounted in backpack; 2 x 12 500kg thruster, mounted in legs; 2 x 5000kg thruster, mounted in feet; 4 x 5000kg thruster, mounted in wing binders
Performance: Maximum lateral acceleration, 5.5G, 6.3G with wing binders; 180 degree turn time, .47 seconds, .33 seconds with wing binders; maximum ground running speed, 120 km/h
Sensor Range: 20km
Equipment and Design Features: Hyper Jammer ECM Suite, Wing Binders, Neural Control System
Fixed Armament:
- 2 x 60mm vulcan, mounted in head, 500 shared rounds
- 2 x beam vulcan, mounted in head
- 2 x retractable heat edge knife, mounted in forearms
Optional Fixed Armament:
- 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks on hips
- 1 x electro magnetically fielded four-barrel shotlancer, 500 shared rounds, mounted on right arm, ejectable
- 1 x electro magnetically fielded body shield, mounted to left arm, ejectable
- 1 x high-power beam machinegun, mounted to shield
- 1 x 110mm assault rifle, mounted to shield
- 1 x hyper beam saber, mounted to shield
- 1 x large beam saber, stored on recharge rack in shield
- 1 x extra clip, stored in shield
- 1 x extra e-pac, stored in shield
Hyper Jammer ECM Suite: The Hyper Jammer ECM Suite emits mysterious particles that scramble enemy cameras, making the user invisible to visual sensors as well as radar.
Wing Binders: A pair of binders resembling wings mounted to the Gundam's back. Aside from providing the mobile suit with extra vernier and apogee motors, it greatly increases its AMBAC capabilities by providing the Gundam with two extra, free moving parts.
Neural Manipulation System: By intercepting brain signals through the use of a special helmet, the Neural Manipulation System is capable of sending mock brain signals back in their place, granting the user control over what would otherwise be passive parts of the brain. As experience and comfort with the system grows, strain on the user is reduced and more complex manipulations may be undertaken.

Using the system, one may perform tasks such as overriding basic instincts tied to the limbic system, such as the “fight or flight” effect. Other uses include the forced recalling of repressed memories, manipulating long term or spatial memory, increasing attention to detail, an increase in reflexes and awareness by instilling a false sense of fear in one's self, or a means of forcefully overriding one's own emotions.

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