Model number: MISTNA GF17MI3
Code name: Telic Gundam
Unit type: Mobile Fighter
Manufacturer: MIST Nationalised Armouries, Monuta City.
Operator: Boris Luschyenko
Accommodation: 360 degree panoramic view with Mobile Trace System and Core Lander.
Dimensions: 16.3m Head Height
Weight: Unloaded - 13 tonnes. Fully loaded - 22 tonnes with body armour and full weapons compliment (one carried weapon and magazines, pistol and magazines, grenades, knife)
Construction: Gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite.
Powerplant: Ultracompact fusion reactor, power rating unknown.
Verniers: 23
Thrusters: 6 x 17,600KG thrusters - 1 in each foot, 4 in the back.
Performance: Approximated at 4.8G average.
Sensor Range: Approximated at 26.4KM

Equipment and design features: Mobile Trace – automatic
Emotion System – automatic
Centurion body armour system – a large vest-like piece of equipment that is worn by the mobile suit on operations requiring that extra bit of protection. The large harness carries armour plating within it made up of beam-coated Gundarium, while the outer layer also carries reactive armour bricks designed to explode outward on contact with a mix of anti-beam particles and ceramic chunks, deflecting the force of shaped charges while also weakening beam attacks.

On top of these are carbon-fibre pouches for carrying e-pacs and explosives, and also carries a holster for carrying a pistol and a sheath for the suit's beam knife. Plates are located on the chest, sides and back, with an extended collar protecting the unit's neck and rear-head from flak. While the explosions caused by the reactive armour will no doubt affect the pilot inside, the force with which these detonations will be felt will be dampened by the plating underneath.
Fixed Armament: 2 x 60mm vulcan chainguns, head mounted, fire-linked.
Optional Fixed Armament: None.
Optional Hand Armament:
Choice of -
Beam Rifle (carried/slung)
High-power Beam Rifle (carried/slung)
110mm Assault Rifle (carried/slung)
280mm wire-guided bazooka (carried)
4 x Cracker Grenades (racked on the hip)
100mm pistol (holstered on vest)
Beam Knife (sheathed on vest)
Special attack:
Solar Depth Charge – the result of this attack is the fist of the user becoming almost akin to a ball of energy, formed from an accumulation of Ki energy building from emitters in the fingertips, blinding its’ opponent with a growing light before melting through armour. Once penetrated, the release of the Ki energy results in a massive directed explosion, capable of rending a mobile suit in two.

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