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Manjuice Version (Often shortened to MJ Version, or MJV) is an currently active fanfiction website about a group of characters from multiple worlds and their daily struggles for survival. It's currently on its 59th Battle.

Main Characters

The Five Heroes

Daniel M. Starbright: The first of the Five Heroes to appear, he hails from Earth-1, also known as Iberia. He's friendly and helpful, albeit short-tempered and a bit silly. His main weapons are his sword and magic.

Dry-Mouth Man: The second of the Five Heroes, who comes from Earth-3, also known as Smonka. He's fairly smart and kind, but really loud at times. His main weapons are staffs, preferably cachabas, and his sand powers.

Etchiboy, formerly Hentaiboy: The third of the Five Heroes, born and raised on Earth-4, known also as Naniyon. He's perverted, self-centered and smells bad, but he really cares for his allies, specially if they're young females. His main weapons are his toilet brush and his perversion poweers.

Fanroic: Fourth of the five heroes, and the only one born in Earth-0, or Mondocentrale, the land where MJ Version is located. He's the reincarnation of sorts of the webmaster. To avoid him knowing that, he's been given a fourth wall, which protects him from knowing his true origins, but also makes him look really dumb when he can't see what the others can (See the fourth wall article for more details). His main weapons are his knuckles and his ability to control time.

Beatriz Crewe: The latest of the five heroes to appear, she's originary from Earth-2, or Ayrevi. She's really sweet and innocent, but kinda selfish at times. Her weapons are her sword and her magic, like Daniel.

Other heroes


Furryfan: The main villain of MJ Version, Furryfan is an evil furry who once ruled the Womanmilk Version, the twin of Manjuice Version. He tried to attack Heroic Hentai Fanboy, but was defeated and got jailed in a orb and thrown into MJ Version. Waddacku found the orb and accidentally released him. Furryfan is evil and reckless, and will do anything to prove his viewpoint is the only acceptable one.

Secondary characters



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