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Model number: MMS-ZX:A-01
Code name: Óðinn
Unit type: high-performance newtype-use mobile suit
Manufacturer: Valkyrie
Operator: Johan Anderson
Accommodation: Pilot-only in standard panoramic cockpit
Dimensions: head height 15m
Weight: empty weight 8.8 tonnes; max gross 17.9
Construction: standard gundarium on a movable frame
Powerplant: standard minovsky-type fusion reactor, output rated at 4001 kW.
Propulsion: 2x 5000 kg (in feet), 3x 27500 kg (upper torso), 2x 15000kg (behind shoulders), 2x 15000 kg (slight above and behind hips); vernier count: 58
Performance: maximum acceleration: 8.52 G
Sensor Range: 20km
Equipment and design features: Psycommu System

Fixed Armament:
-15x Birdlime Launchers, 3 mounted per knee, 9 mounted down torso
-2x Beam Machinecannon, 1 mounted on each wrist
-1x LP Beam Shotgun, mounted in lower torso
Optional Fixed Armament:
-1x "Gungnir" Twin-Edge Pointed Mega Beam Lance
Optional Hand Armament:
Remote Armament:
4x "Valkyrie" Beam Dagger funnels, stored in back
4x "Einherjar" LP Beam Rifle funnels, stored in back
2x "Huginn and Muginn" Beam Machinecannon, stored on shoulders, optionally remote-controlled

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