The Master of Power.

MOP has been around the GTT since late 1997, although he never adopted the name MOP until mid 1998.

Today, MOP uses the name Septipotent(Seven Powers) or Sept for short.

MOP has created several alter-egos.(I recall that on my old webtv I had over 70 names in the stored name box!)

One alter-ego, Evil One, was adopted by another person as a permanent name.

Evil One comes and goes, usually gone most of the time.

Despite the name, however, Evil One is not evil, he is merely nuetral and helps those he dubs worthy, shifting from side to side as he sees fit.

MOP Is currently doing his own minor edits and working in a game designer program known as Zelda Classic.

Currently MOP is creating a game based on one of his adventures, also, he is remaking the Legend of Zelda's First Quest by expanding the Overworld to more then twice it's original size, making the dungeons larger, adding more complex puzzels, and adding custom bosses.

MOP is a decent Image and MIDI editor also.

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