Welcome to Mediviea

I chose a MUD called "Mediviea" which is happening in the Middle-Ages.

Why did I chose this MUD?

1. It was in the top 10 list of mudconnector.

2. The other MUDS in the top 10 list were dealing with Zombies, Bat's, and "blood-Lust" which is too crazy...

Here are some advises for those of you who did not have the chance to check it out yet.


  • You will need to choose a name that fit's your MUD. I did not have any idea what is a middle-age proper name. It took me 15 min of trying names that were either not "Middle-Age" enough or that were alreay taken, until I got to "ZORINIA".
  • After entering the game you will be a "Newbie" - which is someone that is new in the game. Don't be afraid to ask people what to do, I did, but expect some of them to ignore you or mislead you. (One guy told me to look for cats to kill. It took me some time until I found out there are no cats in the game...).
  • This advise is for the guys in the class - Choose a female identity. This way, you will get more help from the experienced gameplayrs.

Not to Do

  • Don't try to kill a dragon... Type "Consider" before killing, as it will tell you if you are going to kill the right thing.
  • When you ask for help, don't be "Israeli" - be polite. Ask if you can ask a small question, and thank anyone that help's you. That way, they will be glad to help you again, and believe me - you will need it.
  • Don't log-out before you reach level 2, most MUD's will ask you to start all over again and won't save your profile.


Overall, I enjoyed learning this new environment. I was suprized how many things are being left for imagination, and how detailed and full is this world altough the technology is relatively old, and the visual dimention is not very developed. After reaching level 6 (I accidently killed 1 more janitor then I needed) I am not sure I'll get back there very soon, but who know's...

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