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Should we name the group and have it as "in residence at MYO Academy"?
possible names:
  • Ensemble, Inc.
--this is an umbrella organization Mike founded. We could use the name and have the MYOA group exist under this "umbrella" if everyone thinks this is good for the MYOA.
--benefits are that a performance history (programs, etc.) already exists, a website, and a funding history
  • Long Island Contemporary Chamber Players
  • Nassau County Contemporary Chamber Players
  • The Academy of St. MYO in the Fields :)
  • other ideas?


  • who is going to be in this group?
--everyone at the meeting?
  • 2 violins (maybe one playing viola), cello, percussion, oboe... flute?
  • please confirm that you want to perform in the group:


  • we could use this space to schedule rehearsals
  • there's many internet tools available for us to make scheduling easy and efficient... internet calendars can help a lot.
  • other thoughts?


  • we can use this space to add ideas for rep
  • one idea is to look at other groups and what they are doing for rep
  • 3 of their pieces we could do without much trouble:
John Bergamo's Foreign Objects mp3
John Cage's Living Room Music (Mike will try to find the mp3 later)
Steve Reich's Clapping Music (ditto)
  • Other groups to look at?
  • Other Repertoire Ideas?
Mike: I focus mostly on contemporary music... we could obviously do other stuff!!! A marimba can work well as a violin, viola, bass, flute... etc. So any style is fine by me. I just happen to do contemporary more often.

Other Ideas?

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