Performing In Schools

Target Audience

A. middle schools in surrounding area
1. Manhasset/Roslyn/Herricks/Great Neck/Port Washington/Sewanhaka
  • other schools?
2. contact Sandy Baskin about arranging performances in Manhasset middle schools
  • is John asking Sandy about this?

Establish Contacts

A. establish contacts in the other districts
  • can John add contacts for these districts below?
  • Mike arbitrarily listed names next to each district so we know who should contact whom... this can be edited/changed
B. Contacts
1. Manhasset (John)
Sandy Baskin [phone] [email]
2. Port Washington (Mike)
[name] [phone] [email]
3. Roslyn (Nicholas)
[name] [phone] [email]
4. Great Neck (Matthew)
[name] [phone] [email]
5. Sewanhaka (Jim)
[name] [phone] [email]


A. begin arranging immediately
first performance in November?
  • other thoughts?

Other Ideas?

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