MYO Academy Promotion


A. sign on street
1. determine cost for design and production
2. get permission from church
  • John, will you be doing this?
B. internet
1. google
a. pricing for advertising/meta-tags
2. yahoo
a. pricing for position on yahoo searches
  • will the Webmaster be able to get these search engine prices?
3. other internet opportunities
--we can each add links we find to the categories below
--not sure what we can find but here's some ideas:
  • blogs
  • bulletin boards
CRAIGSLIST!!!Mike will add a Craigslisting for MYOA
  • music teaching sites
  • please add more ideas!
--once the sites are located, somebody will need to add MYOA information to the site.
--we can communicate about our individual activity right here on these pages
--we can add what we've done or will do next to the link like Mike did above
C. poster for schools/grocery stores/music stores, etc.
1. design and production
  • Mike can design this; he will make draft for approval
  • John, can you email Mike a high resolution logo file?
  • find out pricing from Kinko's/other print shop for 11x17 color poster on heavy paper
  • can somebody take this on?
D. postcards?
  • should we investigate this?
  • would these be useful?
  • what would be our target?
--MYO mailing list?
--NMEA mailing list?


A. gazebo performance in downtown Manhasset (spring)
  • during an arts and crafts fair?
  • separate concert?
  • is somebody willing to take on the organization of this performance?
B. performance in new Manhasset Library
  • is somebody willing to take on the organization of this performance?

Media Outlets

A. Newspaper article
1. create press release that focuses on our activities
a. compose it so it sounds like we are truly doing something unique and amazing
i. reaching underserved children
  • filling a need in the community
  • giving underserved LI youths a chance to learn classical instruments
  • hoping to create a conduit of underserved youths into MYO
  • other ideas????
ii. teacher bios/experience
  • describe how our teachers are stunning, highly qualified and sought-after
iii. facilities
  • pianos
  • large rooms
  • other ideas?
iv. varied programs
  • chamber music
  • private lessons
  • percussion ensemble?
v. other ideas????

More Ideas?

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