Doyle's background

M Doyle, commonly called Marcus by his friends was a English born child. He and his brother are both half Irish and half english and proud of it. He is 13 and was born on November the 9th 1994. He was born into a family that originally owned a pub in summerset but sold the pub so his father and mother could go on to start a succsessful business.

During his school life he had little to no freinds Save afew. those freinds he would never forget.

Current life

M Doyle currently commands the Galactic federation, a small force under the lead of the republic. the Federation holds the Mobian and Nexan systems as well as the Magical realms. His command ship is the HMS Rumbler, a Super Heavy Fleet carrier. He also has a large crew on board and many generals.

Marcus regularly practises magic and is currently training Admiral Chris with the help of Galactic Commander.

Doyle still doesn't know how he wound up in command of a large force so still visits his earthen family.

Still only 13 he is one of the youngest leaders in the Republic navy.

HMS Rumbler

HMS rumbler, or simply Rumbler, is a Super heavy fleet carrier twice the size of the GF's standered Nemesis class carriers. The ship is heavily armed and armoured and serves 3 main purposes, A Mobile city, A mobile factory and a Carrier capable of haolding most othet classes of ship. The Rumbler was originally Built at Alpha Centori before the planet was abandoned. The Rumbler usally stays above the planet of Mobius unless fighting. It also has three other sister ships, Nemesis, Liberty and Olimpia. The fourth, Olimpus was destroyed in an attack on the Ascaron ship yards while under construction.

The Rumbler Runs on the standered Galactic federation Cold and Nuclear fusion generators but also recives a boost from being connected to the Famous Master and Choas emeralds. How they got a hold of them is still uncertian but it is belived that they were either stolen or taken by force as the Angle island temples and village are currently in ruins and the gaurdians have dissapeared.

Toa, Delta and Scarlet

Toa, Delta and Scarlet are commander Doyle's main advisers and also assume his rolls when he is fighting somewhere else.

Toa is a Chinses general from the GLA wars and shares Doyle's intrest in nuclear weapons, Delta is a Stormtrooper from the Galactic civil war and serves in organising his forces. Scarlet is a Mobian Fox woman with red fur and organises most of his tactics and battle plans.

there are several others that aid Doyle such as Omega, Bane, Tina and Gamma but they do smaller and more varied jobs.

Federation forces

Most of the Galactic federation's forces are remodled tanks and units taken from the 21'st century GLA wars. Most of the Forces either consist of Chinese, Mobian or British soldiers but large portions of GLA and USA units are being introduced. The pride tanks of the Gf forces are the Emperor overlords, Mammoth, Reaper and bassilisk tanks. though many more are used. The Galactic federation also like to deploy large amouts of air and naval units and to set up makeshift bases on the enemy's doorstep.

Many of the Galactic federation ships are of Custom design but most all use missile and bullets technology as lasers were mostly abandoned by the Federation in all forms of combat.

The Galactic federation also deploys heavy use of nuclear weapons and technology and would with toxins if their use had not been Strictly monitered by the Republic. The Signiture nuclear weapons on the federation are the Titan III nuclear missiles and the New King Tsar Thermonuclear bombs.

Force population

Most of the federation is Human though Mobians & Several other various races Also enlist. Most of its forces are Human due to the fact most of the federation's planets harbor Human colonies, another Reason is the fact that Humanity is one of the fiercest and Strongest fighters So this is perfect for military Purposes.

Nuclear weapons

The reason for Doyle's Nuclear obsession is unclear to most but has effected his forces greatly. Many of the tanks run on nuclear or Cold fusion generators and many also use Nuclear Shells, Missiles and other weapons like them.

The federation Stockpiles a Very large amount of nuclear warheads and Weapons and competes to be the leading nuclear faction. though most other forces se nuclear weapons as outdated and use different weapons the Federation continues to stockpile and develop them.

How the Federation finds the money to build and service these weapons is unknown but it is highly suspected that the funds are obtainined illegally througfh Hacking operations and transfering funds from enemy factions or unsecure accounts.

Federation Private Allies

Though the federation is technically allied with the republic and all its allies the federation also has Close personal relationships with Scolar Visari, Commander Xendor and Commander red-eye'sforces. this relationship is so close the federation is ready to support them under most any circumstances. this has already gotten them all in trouble with the Coruscant incident where the all three forces fought an uprising on the planet surface in which many civilians were injured and heavy property damage was inflicted.

Future plans

Though uncertian of the Federation's future Marcus has vowed to guide and support it every step of the way. On Doyle's personal life that is also uncertain but it is suspected that when he eventually does he will retire to the magical realms and go and run his own inn, The Doyle and the dragon inn. Well, they do say old traditions die hard...

Even when he retires he will still be Quite weathy due to being the lord of the Main city in the magical realms. He owns the White Castle, a castle filled with White knights and Red guards.

Echo 13 incident

One of the worst inccident of Doyle's carrer was called the Echo 13 inccident. A large fleet of ships hauling nuclear weapons was caught in an Ionic storm and exploded. the resulting explosion Destroyed the entire Alpha centuri System. It has never been forgotten.

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