The M Plains is the largest region in Vovatra.


The plains stretch from the west to the east coasts of Vovatra. They are bordered on the north by the North Sea (the border area forms part of the North Rim) and on the south by the M Range. Additionally, three peninsulas extend from the north: running west to east, the Moon Peninsula, Sun Peninsula and Star Peninsula.


The western portion of the plains has a temperate climate, and is watered by the winter monsoons. The centre and east, on the other hand, are very dry, due to a rain shadow effect from the M Range: the summer monsoons are forced to dump all their rain over the Pink Jungle, and almost none reaches the M Plains. The very far east along the coast is effectively a desert.

Human Geography and Economics

The western part of the plains is home to the largest city in the world, M City. It stretched from the coast up the M River. For more information, see the city's article.

The area to the south of the city is a large expanse of fertile farmland, producing mostly wheat; this has led to the area's nickname of "Breadbasket of Vovatra". The area also grows the Vuceddi spice.

The dry east is almost uninhabited until you reach the east coast. There, the town of Temuqivis is the source of Opdipti, a mineral that is used as a preserving agent similar to salt. Temuqivis has become known as the "city in the sands", and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Vovatra.


The west of the region is home to the Justice Movement, Split Dominion and Party for Sound. The east around Temuqivis is home to the Monster Party and After Radicalism.

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