The M Range is a range of mountains in Vovatra.


The M Range runs from the west coast of the Vovatra Ocean in its east nearly to its east coast in the west. It is centered on Mount M, the tallest point in Vovatra. To its north is the M Plains, and to the south the Pink Jungle.

The mountains are formed by the clash of the South Plate moving northwards and the North Plate moving south.


The M Range is notable in that it causes a rain shadow. Summer monsoon rains from the southeast are forced to drop their water on the Pink Jungle to the south, and almost no rain reaches the M Plains to the north. Thus, a semiarid area can be just a few miles north of a humid tropical one.

Human Geography and Economics

There are no major cities or towns in the area. The west of the range was formerly an Osopan mining area, and is now littered with ghost towns.

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