Mableville, Ontario, Canada
List of communities in Quigley County
Motto: Pax Et Prosperitas (Peace and Prosperity)
City Information
Incorporated:-31 May 1828 (as village)
-1 January 1899 (as town)
-1 July 2003 (as city)
Area 99.431km²

-City (2006)
-Metro (2006)


Population density:241.5/km²
Time zone: North American Eastern Standard Time
Postal code span:K6B and K6C.
Local area code:+1-613
45º 1627.6' N
-75º 1654.51' W
Mean Elevation:65 m.
Mayor: Joseph Windsor
Governing body: Mableville Municipal Council
Members of Parliament: Amelia Hartford
Members of Provincial Parliament: John McHart

Mableville is a city in the Canadian province of Ontario. The population of the city is 24,012. Mableville is the social, economic and business centre of Quigley County. It is a Level 2 Eastern Ontario Anchor City (on par with Brockville, Cornwall and Pembroke).


The city is divided into four wards: Mableville West, Mableville East, Downtown Mableville and Lake Mableville.

Mableville West

Main article: Mableville West

Mableville West is the largest ward, with a population of about 12,000 (approximately half of the city's population). It is also the most urban and densely populated ward.

Downtown Mableville

Downtown Mableville is a historic area with an appearance that hardly changed over the past 110 years due to the Mableville Historic Act. The ward has a population of about 3,000.

Mableville East

Mableville East is in the eastern half of the city that has an ultra-modern appearance. This region has about 8,000 people. Mableville East used to be the largest ward. However, Mableville West surpassed Mableville East in population in 1996.

Lake Mableville

Lake Mableville is a much more rural ward situated to the south of the other wards. It encompasses Lake Mableville, a giant lake of approximately 53 square kilometres. Out of Lake Mableville ward's 1,150 residents, approximately 1,000 of them live in the officially-designated Lake Mableville Village, a resort community. The remaining 150 people of Lake Mableville ward live in small "clusters" of homes around the southern rim of the lake.

Sister Cities

Mableville currently has a sister city relationship with Pavlovsk, Russia (near St. Petersburg).

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