Mableville West
List of wards and neighborhoods of Mableville
Neighborhoods:Barcova, Courtdale, Elmway South, Melanie Park and Tulip Gardens.
Population (2006):12,003 (Ranked 1st)
Average Household Income (2006):$137,815 (Ranked 2nd)
Area:19.883 km2 (Ranked 2nd)
Population Density:603.7/km2 (Ranked 2nd)
Private Dwellings:3,142 (Ranked 1st)
Number of representatives in the Mableville Municipal Council:4

Mableville West is (by population) the largest ward in Mableville and the second largest ward in size after Lake Mableville. Currently Mableville West holds about half of the population of Mableville.


In 1838, the Quigley County courthouse was built in the present-day area of Mableville West. At that time, the courthouse was quite far away from the village. The reasoning for placing the courthouse in such an area was that the courthouse site was on top of a high hill that overlooked the landscape. Placing the courthouse there would make the courthouse seem dominant.

The present day area of Mableville West was annexed by Mableville in 1956. In 1973, when Mableville was first divided into wards, the area of Mableville West was part of the "Lake Mableville-Downtown" ward.

In the early 1980s, the land around the courthouse was purchased by a construction company, which started building houses. In 1984, Mableville West was incorporated as a ward.

The initial construction of Mableville West was finished in 1989. Over the years, other companies built around this core area. The original area of Mableville West soon became an area of high-rise apartment buildings.

In 1994, the municipal government zoned all previously unzoned land along Court Avenue as commercial. Soon, many companies started placing office buildings there. These office buildings began employing many people, who soon moved to Mableville West to be close to where they worked. This created a population boom that caused Mableville West to become the most populous ward in 1996.

Mableville West had 10% of Mableville's population in 1984, 20% in 1991, and 50% in 2006. This level of dominance has caused some council members to advocate splitting Mableville West into two wards: Mableville Northwest and Mableville Southwest. However, the last time council voted on the matter, the splitting of Mableville West was rejected by four-fifths of the council.

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