Written by Frankie Foster

I got one more thing to say. I hope you brought tissue boxes, cause this story’s sure to make you cry. Enjoy. The song used is from Disney written by Disney. You Disney fans all know what movie is this song from.

We now see the letter, which read:

Dear Goo,

I’m very sorry for yelling at you. I’ve started realizing that you don’t have any real friends, and you should know that imaginary friends are real like humans. And I’d love to play with you if you promised not to create any more imaginary friends, but I’m afraid that I’m no longer wanted at Foster’s. So I’m afraid this is goodbye, but I’ll always be with you forever. I hope you’ll understand that I won’t be here anymore, but don’t be sad. I’ll come back if I ever have a chance to, but I guess I can’t. So goodbye forever.

Your best friend, Mac

Meanwhile, Mac started walking down the halls slowly. He sighed and grew teary-eyed. He then starts to sing, that is, if it was really singing.

Mac: We met, it seems, such a short time ago

You looked at me, needing me so

Yet from your sadness

Our happiness grew

(Mac smiled as he turned his head to the direction of Goo’s Room.)

And I found out I needed you too

I remember how we used to play

(Mac laughed to himself when he thought about that.)

I recall those rainy days

(Then he frowned again as he walked down the stairs to the main room.)

The fire's glow

That kept us warm

And now I find - we're both alone

(Then he sang a bit through the last part as he walked to the front door.)

Goodbye may seem forever

Farewell is like the end

But in my heart’s the memory

And there you'll always be

Mac stopped at the front door after he ended his sing-talk and looked at the direction of Mr. Herriman, Frankie, Madame Foster, Bloo, Wilt, Coco and Eduardo, hoping that they’d look at him one last before he leaves. Unfortunately, Mac was given a glare from them, and his former friends turned away angrily, giving him the cold shoulder.

Quick Draw McGraw: That tells Plan B. But being a superhero is more fun! Come on! (he hits Mac with a guitar)

The policemen grabs Mac opened the front door, walked out into the night and closed it. Then they slowly started walking towards the gate. In the policemen's arms, Mac looked up at the window of Goo’s room and saw Goo watching him leave as tears stream down her face. Mac then resumed walking as the chorus started singing.

Chorus: Goodbye may seem forever

Farewell is like the end

But in my heart’s the memory

And there you'll always be

At the end of the last part that was sung, Mac turned his head to Goo’s room and waved goodbye sadly to Goo as tears streamed down his face. Goo waved goodbye back sadly as she’s still crying. Then, Mac started walking towards home as he sheds lots and lots of tears. When he’s three miles away from the mansion and to his house, he turned his head around and looked at the place he no longer goes to from school.

“Goodbye, Goo.” Mac said sadly, “Goodbye… for good.”

Usually Mac was happy when he went to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, but recently the imaginary friends at Foster's seemed to ignore him more, as Mac became4 older and they thought that Mac would eventually tire for liking imaginary friends, even Bloo thought this and he and the other imaginary friends ignore him by giving him the silent treatment.

On One Thursday Afternoon, Mac went to Foster's and tried to find Bloo "Bloo where are you?", Mac heard no reply and went upstairs and said "Bloo, we need to talk" The eight year old boy was wondering why Bloo and the other imaginary friends were starting to ignore him lately. Mac wondered around the huge house looking for Bloo.

10 minutes later, he had found Bloo, angrily throwing darts at a crudely drawn picture of Mac with devil horns. Mac nervously asked "Uh Bloo?" , Bloo slowly turned towards Mac and replied "Oh….Hello, Mac" in a calm yet angry way. Mac was shocked to see Bloo angry at him and questioned "Bloo, What the Hell is wrong with you, you have been acting like you don't wanna be my friend anymore?" The blue imaginary friend replied sharply "You think, YOU THINK!" Then Bloo said "I realised something", "You act like you will be my friend forever, but you Mac are just like the rest of these, you'll eventually abandon me and move on and forget about me and when people ask you "Do you believe in Imaginary Friends?", You'll be like "Hell No, only little dumb kids have imaginary friends".

Mac, "I would never do that", "I mean look at Madame Foster, she still believe in her Imaginary friend" Bloo still confident in his views, "But she's one of a kind, the rest of the humans don't give a crap about us, once they are "mature enough". Mac said disappointed "Bloo" , Bloo replied, "People like Frankie and her friends used to have imaginary friends, but they gave up on them like 10 years ago" Mac argued "But Bloo, I…." Then Coco and Eduardo came in the room and defended Bloo, "You'll just pretend we don't exist anymore" Eduardo said, Coco replied "Coco coco coco", Bloo aggred with Coco, "Yeah Coco's right you humans will just abandon us and forget about us at all.

Mac, realising that Bloo was unlikely to change his mind, finally accepted "If that's how you feel Bloo, then I'll just go and you'll never see me again" Bloo said "Good, Go you Geek, I'll find a kid who needs me".

Mac left Foster's Home depressed and went home and went to his bed and cried on his pillow until Terrance, his dumber 13 year old brother came in and said "Stop Crying", Im trying to play Metroid on the Gamecube dork" Mac then stormed out of the room, before leaving he angrily shouted at Terrance "Was that really necesarry?". Terrance ignored Mac and carried on playing Metroid.

Mac went to the bathroom and broke one of the shavers and took out the razor blade and left the house. Mac wondered around the neighbourhood for a least during the evening and went to Foster's, but he did not go in the actual house, instead he went to the flower-bed and sat down and wrote and suicide note saying:

"Dear everyone

My happiness has been taken away from me, I feel like no-one wants to know me anymore and thinks I am a arrogant dork, anyway I would have to make your lives miserable anymore, as I will not as a life to live when you read this note"

Love Mac

As Mac put the note down and took the razor blade out his pocket and as he was about to slit his wrists, the policemen Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, and Huckleberry Hound arrived and to him to jail.

Magilla Gorilla: Hi-ya!

I’ll get you traitors for this. Mac thought, referring to his former friends (except Goo) as he clenched his fist in anger, as if he’s now wanting revenge.

Wally Gator: Nice, short, Magilla old pal.

Peter Potamous: I'll give that mean old man my famous scream of hippo holler.

Mac: No!! No!! I've been framed! Let me go! Help! Help!

  • Squiddley Diddley as Newspaper boy after newspaper come flying across the screen: Mac Guilty! Mac guilty!
  • NARRATOR: News of Mac’s disgrace rocked the nation.

It seemed the courts were determined to make

an example of him. Of course his former friends

tried to help him but they were blocked at

every turn. Why, they must have reopened

the case a dozen times. They appealed to

this court, that court, any court. But, the

desition stood. The case of Mac was closed!

Then, the policemen threw him in jail and Mac started crying softly into his pillow.

Yogi Bear: You wil stay in jail until Frankie can be your enemy.

Mac: Yeah, but how long?

Boo-Boo Bear: I don't want to ask you this..... but forever.

Mac: Noooo! Not forever!

Yogi Bear: Yes, forever! You don't care about anyone but yourself! Frankie doesn't care about you anymore!

Huckleberry Hound: Yogi's right. Forever should be long enough to think about what you did and how you can be useful!

Mac: But, but, Boo-Boo---

Boo-Boo Bear: No buts, you will stay there forever. I'll write a letter to your enemy so you can never go out on any dates with her. Goodbye!

Something went wrong with Frankie later that day. “Aah! That’s it! I give up! I give up!” she cried, throwing up her arms in mock hysterics. “Oh, c’mon dearie, don’t throw in the towel yet! Or in this case, the bed sheet.” Someone interrupted with a soft chuckle. Frankie groaned, not caring to look up as she already recognized the speaker. “Hi Grandma.” She mumbled, grabbing a stack of clean towels waiting to be folded. Madame Foster, founder and head of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, slowly hobbled into the laundry room, clucking in mock disapproval. “What’s this, trouble with the sheets? Oh, Funny Bunny won’t like that.” She cracked, getting a wan smile out of her granddaughter. As Frankie resumed her towel folding, Madame Foster cocked her head and gave her a concerned look. “Oh c’mon Frankie, what’s wrong? Don’t that those lousy old sheets get to you. Where’s your “special helper?” Just get Mac in here and I’m sure you two will have that thing out in a jiffy!”

“Don't need him. Mac’s not here.” Frankie replied flatly. :I've sent him to jail cause he won't have a crush on me."

Madame Foster cocked an eyebrow.“What? Odd, that’s not like the little fellow at all. Mac should’ve shown up a while ago.” “He left early.” Frankie replied again stoically, still concentrating on her folding.“He said he hates me and wishes I died. I’m no longer his friend but his enemy.”

Madame Foster shook her head. "Oh dear, What a shame! I was actually hoping to see you two together in action today, and if Bunny told me the truth about what was going on in here last week, you both can get into some zany predicaments." the old lady chuckled. "Oh my goodness, such an adorable pair! It's so nice that he has you." Frankie looked up in surprise at her grandmother. "What?"

Madame Foster wagged her finger jokingly "Oh, isn't it obvious, dear? There's no need to hide it. What with his overworked mother and his dreadful older brother, it's so nice to see that he's got at least someone to look out for him.."

"Uh, Grandma, I don't think-" but before Frankie could protest any further Madame Foster simply continued to ramble on.

"All those times you've driven him home from school or something because his mother was too busy working, those moments I've found you helping him with his homework or on a school project in the library, the laughter I always hear whenever he's helping you around the house, all the rainy days I've seen you snuggled up together reading together in front of the fireplace, oh my!" The old woman chuckled. "And let's not mention how many times I've seen you shirking your duties now and then just so you can spent some time playing some silly game with the child and Bloo. Oh my, just last week I saw you outside washing the bus, then moments later you three ran by the very next window I passed shooting each other with super-soakers! Oh, all the good times you must have together."

Frankie still struggled to find some kind of retort. "No, Grandma, see, this morning-"

"Ha, and some people think this home is just for adopting imaginary friends." the little old lady laughed softly. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's almost like you've used Foster's to adopt yourself a little brother."

Frankie went momentarily silent as she contemplated her grandmother's words.


Madame Foster hobbled over to Frankie and gave her an affectionate pat on her back.

"It's just nice that he has you to look up to dearie. That's all. Oops!" she laughed, "Well, shame on me, I just went off there, didn't I? Oh dear, I must bored you silly with my ramblings, huh? I guess that's just part of the deal when you become an old fogy like me. Good gracious, I don't even think I remember most of what I just said!" the quirky old woman cackled. "Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles! Ooooh, and speaking of cookies, my friend Beth from down the street gave me the loveliest new recipe for macaroons the other day! We were playing bridge-"

Frankie's mind raced furiously as the kooky old woman went prattled on. Wait, was Grandma speaking the truth? Do Mac and I... is that all...

Her brain rewound quickly, searching for any memory of what Madame Foster just listed. Yep, there it all was. There were all those insane adventures they had had together, some of the most notable the "Funny Bunny" fiasco or that none-too brief dating experience with the awful Dylan Lee. There were all the endless hours playing out in the backyard when she really should've been working and didn't care less about the fact she was shirking her duties. The all too numerous times when Mac showed up to lend a helping hand, just whenever her workload seemed too much to bear alone.

All those late night trips to drop Mac off at home. All those cold, wet afternoons spent snuggled up by the fireplace. All those times she would be sitting at her computer and hear him ask her if she could help him out on his math, or whatever. How whenever he needed something, he always came to her. And how every time, she would be more than happy to do whatever it was for him.

Madame Foster spoke the truth. Mac really was special to her, and Frankie knew it, deep in her heart. He was more than a friend, he was like a...a...

Her grandmother's words echoed briefly within her head; little brother.

"You're right."

"...So there Beth and I were, ankle deep in-eh? What's that?" Madame Foster asked.

"You're right, Grandma, you're totally right!" Frankie cried excitedly, throwing the towels aside and standing up. "I do, wait, I mean Mac needs, uh, hold on… I mean Mac said I'm not his girlfriend or his friend anymore. He wants me to keep me out of his life, kick him out of Foster's, and spank him."

Wilt: There's yes reason to be mean. Just leave him alone. He's not your friend anymore.

Madame Foster gave her granddaughter a peculiar look. "Frankie, are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, wait…no, I mean…uh…I gotta give Mac a call!" Frankie sputtered as she reached into her pocket to grapple for her cell phone. Whipping it out, she got halfway though dialing Mac's home phone when suddenly…she just stopped completely in mid-dial.

Madame Foster actually backed away a bit, unnerved by her grandchild's sudden erratic behavior. "Frankie dear, is everything okay?"

Frankie desperately wanted nothing more in the world at that instant than to just make the call and talk to Mac. However some unseen force was keeping her from doing it. It was as if she already knew that if she called now, Mac wasn't going to pick up. In fact she didn't feel as if Mac was even home now. Frankie just stood there as this newfound sixth sense told her the same thing over and over; He's not there.

Frankie started to cry. She and Mac decided that they went their separate ways. She wanted nothing more than to spank Mac and punch Mac. She knew Mac will never have a crush on her again. No kisses! No dating Mac! No hugs!

No movies! No friends! No anything! Mac and Frankie's friendship and romatnic relationship is over! Frankie thought to herself. "I don't care about anyone but myself." Frankie sighed, "I decided who shall go on dates with me since Mac is in jail." Frankie decided that Terrence and Goo should go out on dates with her. The only two things she disliked Mac having a crush on her and kissing him. She liked putting Mac in time-out, keeping Mac in jail.

Bloo: Frankie, do you miss Mac?

Frankie: No, Bloo, I do not miss him.

Wilt: Where is he?

Bloo: He's in jail. (to Frankie) You said you don't need him.

Frankie: You are so right about it. We've not time to look for him. We'll just have to live without him. I hope he'll never be one of us. I decided that Terrence should go out on dates with me since Mac is in jail. I don't need him. I proved to him that we're no longer friends but enemies. I'm never gonna take care of him anymore.

Bloo: Oh no! Is that true?

Wilt: Yes, Bloo, I say it is.

That night, everyone went to bed expect Frankie. She stayed up thinking about what she likes to do to Mac.

Frankie: What if Mac ran away? What if he never comes back?! He'll never have a crush on me. I'll never be his girlfriend, or his friend again!

Frankie spent that night crying herself to sleep. A few hours after that, she felt better. She was thinking about no one but herself. Mac was in jail forever. Kicking Mac out of Foster's and sending him to jail was a good way to end the friendship and romantic relatationship between Frankie and Mac.

Frankie: Where' Mac?

Wilt: He's not here to date you or be your friend.

Frankie: We've not time to look for him. We'll just have to live without him. We'll never celebrate his birthday again.

Mr. Herriman: Congraulations, Miss Frances. You did a good job casting Master Mac out into the cold cruel world. I'm glad you wanted him out of your life.

Frankie: I hope he'll never be one of us. Thank you.

Mr. Herriman: Kicking Master Mac out of Foster's and sending him to jail is a good way to end friendship and romantic relationship between you and Master Mac. Besides Master Mac says he's not your favorite anymore. Are you and Master Mac going your separate ways?

Frankie: Mac and I decided we went our separate ways. I'll never repair our friendship and romantic relationship again. Sending Mac to jail and kicking him out of Foster's is a good way to End a friendship and romatnic relationship between me and Mac. I don't love him and I don't need him. I've send him to jail. I'll never be his friend or his girlfriend again. Me and Mac are no longer friends but enemies.

(Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman & Frankie starts crying)

Mac: Let me out! Well, that figures! Frankie didn't even really miss me! Then I'm not gonna miss her!

Yes, once again it was a white Christmas and once again the melodies of Yule tied hung sweet upon the winters air. Hearts were gay and spirits high. Indeed in all the city there was but one spot untouched by the spirit of Christmas. The tower; grim monument to despair, cold cruel forbidding And, unfourtunaely the abobe of Mac for a good many Christamses yet to come. Poor Mac, alone with the memories of his wasted life not caring about anyone but himself. Oh what a fool he had been! He still remembered the first rule of Zugor rule #1: Don't need anyone but yourself. With many a pang there was the kindly face of Goo his friend and his sage advice so often scorned. A tear for Frankie his now former girlfriend too for his unloyalty, his misunderstanding. And Mac wept for his Bloo, Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco his former friends too and all those little lectures so ofter laughed at. Within the confines of this miserable cell a new Mac was born-a reformed Mac repentant Mac. Always again would he let those mad foolish manias that had brought him to this sorry end! But never again would he care about Frankie his now former girlfriend, or Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Madame Foster, and Mr. Herriman his former friends. Mac thinks no one will even miss him. Frankie won't miss him either. Mac thinks no one will bail him out. He liked being left alone. Frankie did cast him out in the cold cruel world. He decided who shall bail him out, but Mac doesn't want Frankie in his life. The friendship and relationship between him and Frankie was broken. It won't be fixed anymore. He doesn't care about Frankie anymore. Frankie is not his friend anymore but his enemy.

Mac doesn't want anyone to bail him out. Not even Frankie; she is his enemy. Mac started to sing himself a sad song.

A/N: (in tears) Well, that’s it… (sniffles) The song is “Goodbye May Seem Forever” from “Fox and the Hound” by Disney. Like I said before, it's a very emotional story. But now I feel better writing it. Remember, send in your reviews. And no flames, please. Well.... (chuckles) I guess that's it. My story's over. Goodbye, everyone.

Mac: Living my life in a slow hill

different animal every night in prison

I aint seen the sun shine in 3 damn days

been fuelin up on cocaine and whiskey

wish I had a good animal to miss me instead of Frankie

but I wonder if I'll ever change my ways

I put your picture away

sat down and cried today wished Frankie died instead of me

Everyone at Foster's no longer care for me, Not even Frankie my now former girlfriend

The only one who cares about me is Goo and Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie, Daddy Doggie, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, Top Cat Peter Potamus, and Squiddley Diddley.

I cant look at you while I'm lying next to them

I put your picture away

sat down and cried today wished Frankie died instead of me

Everyone at Foster's no longer care for him, Not even Frankie my now former girlfriend

The only one who cares about me are Goo, and Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss, Augie Doggie, Daddy Doggie, Top Cat, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, Peter Potamus, and Squiddley Diddley

I cant look at you while I'm lying next to them

Frankie doesn't want me anymore, she says she's no longer my friend but my enemy

She wants me to stay in prison until she can be my enemy

I don't want any friends

Frankie doesn't want to see me in three darn years

Frankie doesn't want me to be her boyfriend cause I'm not old enough

She wants someone else to be her boyfriend

I put your picture away

sat down and cried today wished Frankie died instead of me

Everyone at Foster's no longer care for me, Not even Frankie my now former girlfriend

The only one who cares about me is Goo and Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie, Daddy Doggie, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, Top Cat Peter Potamus, and Squiddley Diddley.

I cant look at you while I'm lying next to them

I put your picture away

sat down and cried today wished Frankie died instead of me

Everyone at Foster's no longer care for him, Not even Frankie my now former girlfriend

The only one who cares about me are Goo, and Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss, Augie Doggie, Daddy Doggie, Top Cat, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, Peter Potamus, and Squiddley Diddley

I cant look at you while I'm lying next to them

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