Maccha-Brugia is a nation on the northern continent. It is ruled by Tyten and R_sPeEd.


Maccha-Brugia's flag


Maccha-Brugia is a fusion between Brugia and Maccha-Bently, on the territory of Brugia. These two nations fused after that leader Tyten had fled Maccha-Bently because the nation was on the merge of a civil war after a non-qualification for the final. Directly after that, Brugia's leader, R_sPeEd, put Maccha-Bently under Brugian protection and tried to convince Tyten to come back. When he wouldn't come back as a single nation, the two nations decided to reform Brugia in to Maccha-Brugia.


Together with Tomstria, Arjastan, Reym-L-Dneurb, Gabriel and Escotia, Brugia is one of the 6 founding nations.


Maccha-Bently was a nation who joined the NSC in the forth edition. They never had a big success in the NSC, and when they failed to qualify, Tyten decided to leave Maccha-Bently for the following reasons: 1. He didn't approve of the 12 qualifying nations-system, 2. It is very dissappointing is he can't even win from a not so good song, 3. It is unfair that better-known songs have an advantage, 4. (quote:) "I am a bad loser.". Nevertheless, Tyten is back thanks to Brugia.


Maccha-Brugia is e nation on the territory of Brugia. Actually, it is still Brugia, but whole of Maccha-Bently has 'moved in'. M-B has two provinces now: Maccha-Bently and Brugia. Maccha-Brugia will participate for the first time in NSC 7.

The Maccha-Brugian Anthem is a piano play by Yann Tiersen. Piano is Maccha-Brugia's national instrument. You can hear/see the Anthem here.

Maccha-Brugia in the NSC

As Brugia

See main article: Brugia in the NSC.

As Maccha-Bently

See main article: Maccha-Bently in the NSC.

As Maccha-Brugia

Also see: Maccha-Brugian NSC-videos


National Final

The province of Brugia has selcted a song, as well as the province of Maccha-Bently. It will not be announced which song belongs to which province.

# Artist Song Youtube-video
01. The Pipettes Pull Shapes YT
02. Imogen Heap Leave Me To Love YT

The voting in the National final has been closed, due to a very clear victory for Imogen Heap! Maccha-Brugia's representative for NSC will be Leave me to Love, by Imogen Heap!

Points awarded
Nation Song Artist Points Brugia Points Maccha-Bently Total Maccha-Brugia


Alltime favourites

In the province of Brugia

Rank Song Artist Nation Edition
01. Dicen La Brujha Saksjaowie NSC V
02. Tokyo Danny Saucedo Giggshood NSC III
03. Ti I Ja Flamingosi & Karolina Goceva Bokia NSC IV
04. Come To Me Koop Saksjaowie NSC IV
05. Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood Alinta NSC VI
06. Ahva Ktana Shiri Maimon Maccha-Bently NSC IV
07. Klasika Feminnem Tomstria NSC I
08. Karma Gergana Andromeda NSC II
09. Il Ritmo Del Mio Cuore Rushi Widinliew Andromeda NSC III
10. Prava Ljubav Lana i Luka Bokia NSC V
11. Var Minut Emilia Adamsburg NSC III
12. Kao Da Me Nema Vanna Salona NSC III
13. Rosegardens SheSays Reym-L-Dneurb NSC II
14. I’ll Be OK McFly Gabriel NSC I
15. Chariots Of Fire BWO Adamsburg NSC IV
16. Magija Tose Proeski & Esma Redzepova Spila NSC II
17. Ti tis Exeis Brei Elli Kokkinou Magna Grecia NSC III
18. Sigurni Erato & Toni Cetinski Xorientia NSC II
19. Summer Sun Excuse Me Moses Reym-L-Dneurb NSC IV
20. Ljubav Flamingosi Belvist NSC V
21. Vsichko vodi do teb Anelia Andromeda NSC V
22. Top of the world Carpenters Maccha-Bently NSC V
23. Mambo Italiano Shaft Phinechendza NSC V
24. Sexy Naughty Bitchy Tata Young Arjastan NSC III
25. Fix Me Velvet Lollee NSC VI

If you look at these statistics you can see that the most popular NSC in the province of Brugia, has until now been the third edition (7 of the 25 songs).

In the province of Maccha-Bently

Rank Song Artist Nation Edition
01. Umbrella RIhanna Spila NSC IV
02. Ti I Ja Flamingosi & Karolina Goceva Bokia NSC IV
03. Twee Vaders Terence Lost Isle NSC VI
04. Vyshe Oblakov Tina Karol Escotia NSC V
05. Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood Alinta NSC VI
06. Dicen La Brujha Saskjaowie NSC V
07. Fix Me Velvet Lolee NSC VI
08. Thnks fr th mmrs Fall Out Boy Escotia NSC VI
09. Summer sun Excuse Me Moses Reym-L-Dneurb NSC IV
10. Rood Marco Borsato Rotterdamus NSC VI
11. Breathe Me Sia Noizeland NSC V
12. Party For Two Shania Twain Salona NSC IV
13. t'Smidje Laïs Brugia NSC VI
14. Do You Know Enrique Inglesias Cicvara NSC VI
15. I Need A House Maria Serneholt Arjastan NSC IV
16. Ljubav Flamingosi Belvist NSC V
17. Two Beds And A Coffee Machine Savage Garden Arjastan NSC V
18. Les Fleur 4hero Brugia NSC IV
19. Chariots Of Fire BWO Adamsburg NSC IV
20. Mambo Helena Paparizou Mountbatten Island NSC VI
21. 7milakliv Martin Stenmarck Adamsburg NSC V
22. Magi Nicolai Brugia NSC V
23. Prava Ljubav Lana & Luka Bokia NSC IV
24. Any Other World Mika Lost Isle NSC IV
25. Counting Down The Days Natalia Imbruglia Escotia NSC IV

Points awarded

  1. Escotia: 26 points
  2. Maccha-Bently: 26 points
  3. Lollee 22 points
  4. Gabriel: 21 points
  5. Hibernia: 21 points
  6. Saksjaowie: 20 points
  7. Bokia: 20 points
  8. Giggshood: 18 points
  9. Arjastan: 17 points
  10. Andromeda: 17 points
  11. Lost Isle: 16 points
  12. Tomstria: 15 points
  13. Adamsburg: 15 points
  14. Reym-L-Dneurb: 14 points
  15. Alinta 12 points
  16. Salona: 12 points
  17. Mountbatten Island: 11 points
  18. Rotterdamus: 11 points
  19. Xorientia: 10 points
  20. Phinechendza: 8 points
  21. Reignland: 8 points
  22. Belvist: 7 points
  23. Manotto: 7 points
  24. Magna Grecia: 7 points
  25. Eurora: 6 points
  26. Spila: 4 points
  27. Noizeland: 4 points
  28. United Stated of Carmen: 3 point
  29. Venera: 2 points
  30. Cicvara: 2 points
  31. Isaria: 1 point
  32. Romeria: 1 point

Points recieved

  1. Xorientia: 33 points
  2. Lost Isle: 31 points
  3. Reym-L-Dneurb: 31 points
  4. Maccha-Bently: 31 points
  5. Andromeda: 25 points
  6. Escotia: 23 points
  7. Altharia: 22 points
  8. Astoria: 22 points
  9. Gabriel: 20 points
  10. Saksjaowie: 19 points
  11. Ugaly: 17 points
  12. Begonia: 16 points
  13. Rotterdamus: 14 points
  14. Alinta: 18 points
  15. Yaponesia: 13 points
  16. Belvist: 12 points
  17. Salona: 11 points
  18. Mountbatten Island: 11 points
  19. Manotto: 9 points
  20. Noizeland: 8 points
  21. Tomstria: 8 points
  22. Giggshood: 7 points
  23. Spila: 5 points
  24. Hibernia: 5 points
  25. Phinechendza: 5 points
  26. Adamsburg: 5 points
  27. Bokia: 3 points
  28. Medina: 3 points
  29. Arjastan: 2 points

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