Mackenzie Lloyd is one of Master Jodie Castellaneta's female minions, the girl in charge of Ralph Hart and Cole Winston, and the love interest of Bertram Moulton appearing in Disney XD's Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes. Voiced by Linda Cardellini (in the same tone as Gravity Falls' Wendy Corduroy, she has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her main outfit (similar to the outfit Star shows to Marco on June 9, 2016 through is composed of: a dark purple beret, a pink long sleeved shirt with a white unbuttoned sleeveless vest, two brown bracelets on both of her wrist, pink skirt and brown shoes. At her age, she is about 13-years-old.


  • Diane Lloyd (Mother)
  • Ethan Lloyd (Father)
  • Bertram Moulton (Love Interest)


  1. Being classy to Bertram Moulton
  2. Handling Ralph and Cole
  3. Relaxing shoe-less


  1. The way someone screws up
  2. Feeling underappreciated
  3. Getting into a pickle

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