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  • Saturday 9th August:
  • Sunday 10th August: David, Susanne, Frank & Leonie): I'll do my hummus with minced lamb + mezze special; option with no lamb for vegetarians; L+F will do some other Mediterranean e.g. Aubergines
  • James has now booked tables for the adults at Creelers; On Monday evening 2 tables, for 4 & 5 people, and on Wednesday 1 table 6. The Monday tables are booked for 6.00pm and the Thursday one for 8.00pm.
  • Sally, Joris and family will cook on Thursday night - it'll be potatoes with seasonal vegetables and baked-fish/-sausages/-beans followed by local fruit dessert à la Belgique, and cheese and biscuits

Things to do

  • Brodick Cycle Hire Roy Moss, +44 (1770) 302868
  • Lamlash boat hire and fishing trips: 01770 600998

Things to bring

Housekeeping + General Provisions for D+S+L+F

D+S will bring:

  • cereal + porridge oats
  • milk
  • beer
  • lemons
  • gin
  • fruit
  • tinned food (tomatoes, sweetcorn, kidney beans)
  • soya mince
  • pasta
  • toilet roll, kitchen roll

L+F will bring:

  • tea bags
  • salt, pepper
  • tonic water
  • fruit cordial
  • nuts, olives, popcorn, nibbles etc
  • olive oil
  • garlic & ginger
  • marmalade, marmite, honey, mustard, chutney
  • tinned tuna & anchovies - (we have a surplus)
  • wine
  • rice
  • dried fruit + raisins
  • tea towels + washing up liquid + cloths

Questions to ask

  • Are any of the dining / living spaces big enough to have a joint meal for all?
  • What are the nearest shops and what are their opening times, especially at the weekend?

A On Shore Rd., Brodick there is a Co-op; open 7 days a week

  • What are the arrangements for picking up the keys?
  • Is there a Fish & Chip Shop in Brodick?
    A: New Ferry Fry, The Pier Brodick

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