Mad Scientist is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Sawtooth the Beaver and Friends, and the 90th episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas & Friends episode Steam Roller.


  • Danny - Sir Handel
  • Ring-a-Ding - Peter Sam
  • Rug Bug Benny - Skarloey
  • Kurby - Rusty
  • Mad Scientist (From D&M) - George
  • Various Animators - Workmen
  • A Policeman - Himself
  • Various Children - Themselves
  • Sawtooth - Thomas (Cameo)
  • Red Max - James (Cameo)
  • Private Meekly - Percy (Cameo)
  • Willy - Rheneas (Cameo)
  • Mac - Duncan (Cameo)
  • Clyde - Duke (Cameo)


Narrator: "Danny is very proud of his big, sturdy feet. They have broad ankles and hold well to the road, but they are unusual.

One day, the other members of the Anthill Mob wouldn't stop teasing him."

Anthill Mob Members: "Look at his Mad Scientist feet!"

Narrator: "They joked."

Danny: "Be quiet!"

Narrator: "Snorted Danny."

Danny: "You're jealous!"

Ring-a-Ding: "Don't worry."

Narrator: "Soothed Ring-a-Ding."

Ring-a-Ding: "The Anthill Mob Members all teased me about my special cap, until they learned how useful it is."

Danny: "Did you hear that?"

Narrator: "Huffed Danny."

Danny: "My feet are special, like Ring-a-Ding's Cap! I can go faster than any of you."

Narrator: "Rug Bug Benny had a plan to make Danny see sense."

Rug Bug Benny: "With your grand feet, Danny,"

Narrator: "Said Rug Bug Benny,"

Rug Bug Benny: "You're just the man to tackle the Mad Scientist."

Danny: "Who's the Mad Scientist?"

Rug Bug Benny: "That man over there."

Narrator: "Replied Rug Bug Benny."

Rug Bug Benny: "Listen."

Narrator: "The Mad Scientist was making rude remarks about the Anthill Mob Members."

Mad Scientist: "Racetracks are no good, tun them into runways, pull em' up, turn them into runways! Racetracks are no good, tun them into runways, pull em' up, turn them into runways!"

Danny: "Don't worry."

Narrator: "Said Danny."

Danny: "Leave him to me. I'll send him packing.

The Mad Scientist will soon get a run for his money."

Narrator: "Later that morning, the Mad Scientist was at the crossing."

Mad Scientist: "Huh. You're Danny, I suppose."

Narrator: "Danny was standing no nonsense."

Danny: "And you, I suppose, are the Mad Scientist? Yes, I've heard of you."

Mad Scientist: "And I've heard of you. You swank around with your mad scientist feet, pretending you're as good as me."

Danny: "Actually, I'm better. Good-bye."

Narrator: "The Mad Scientist chuffered on, fuming.

Later that day, Danny brought a special load down after the last car had gone.

When he had reached the road, he saw the Mad Scientist traveling home. Danny tried to attract his attention."

Danny: "Peep peep peep!"

Narrator: "The Mad Scientist took no notice. There was barely room to pass."

Danny was cross."

Danny: "Get out of my way, you great clumsy road hog!"

Mad Scientist: "Ha! I don't move for imitation Mad Scientists. You don't own the road, get out of my way!"

Narrator: "Then there was trouble."


Danny: "Aaah!"

Narrator: "Cried Danny."

Danny: "That was your fault."

Mad Scientist: "No it wasn't. It was yours."

Narrator: "Everyone was arguing over who was to blame."

Policeman: "Hello, hello, hello."

Narrator: "Said a policeman, ominously."

Policeman: "And what's going on here?"

Narrator: "This made everyone stop arguing. They set to work clearing up the mess instead.

Next day, they put up a fence between the two roads.

Then, they went away, taking the Mad Scientist with them.

Danny thought he had made the Mad Scientist go away.

He talked of nothing but Mad Scientists."

Rug Bug Benny: "Oh, dear."

Narrator: "Thought Rug Bug Benny."

Rug Bug Benny: "He's worse than ever. I'm sorry my plan was no good."

Kurby: "Never mind."

Narrator: "Said Kurby."

Kurby: "We'll think of something else."

Narrator: "But they had no need to do that.

Some boys arrived instead. They pointed to Danny and cried,"

Boys: "Look, here's Danny. He tried to race a Mad Scientist, but the Mad Scientist nearly beat him!"

Narrator: "Danny never mentions Mad Scientists now."

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  • Footage Copyright: Hanna-Barbera/Warner Bros., Hit Entertainment

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