Verison 1

Horton: Melman

Morton: Alex

Kangaroo: Nana

Vladikoff: Makunga

Wickershams: Lemurs

Mayor: Marty

Jojo: Skipper

Verison 2

Marty as Horton

Alex as The Mayor

Melman as Morton

Teetis as Vladikoff

King Juilen as Yummo

Mort as Jojo

Verison 3

Alex as Horton (Alex and Horton Are Both The Same)

Flint (from Cloudy With a Chance of MeatBalls) as The Mayor

Marty as Morton (Marty and Morton Are Both The Same)

Teetis as Vlad

Mort as Jojo

King Juilen as Yummo

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