• King Juilen as Kuzco (Both are spoiled)
  • Marty as Llama Kuzco
  • Alex as Pacha
  • Darla the Baboon as Yzma
  • Elmer as Kronk (Both have the same voice actor)
  • Gia as Chicha
  • Gex (A Made-Up Character) as Tipo
  • Alia (A Made-Up Character) as Chaca
  • General Shingen as Rudy the Old Man
  • Maurice as Theme Song Guy
  • Mort as Man for Bride Choosing
  • Bada as The 1st Guard
  • Bing as The 2st Guard
  • Fred as Bucky the Squirrel
  • Fossas as Jaguars
  • Dode as Bird Bingo
  • Hornets as Bees
  • Zebras as Llamas
  • Bitsy the Red Rhodesian Slasher as Cat Yzma

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