Based on the movie Madagascar.

  • Sally as Alex
  • Bunnie as Marty (Bunnie and Marty are both best friends Sally and Alex)
  • Rainbow Dash as Melmen
  • Jiminy Cricket as Gloria
  • Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Mighty as Penguins
  • Manic and Ray as Mason and Phil
  • Vector as Juilen
  • Espio as Maurice
  • Charmy as Mort
  • Eggman as Makunga
  • a random SWATBOT as Teetsi
  • Max as Zuba
  • Alicia as Florrance
  • Snively as Nana
  • Elisa as Gia
  • Ponies as Flossas
  • Kenny from South Park as Roger
  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan as Joey
  • Sideshow Bob as Nana's Dog
  • no flames or spams.

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