Madeline's Favorites Volume 1 is the Soundtrack released by Walt Disney Records in 1994.


  1. I love to fly my Kite - sung by Andrea Libman, Haley Joel Osmont, Stevie Vallance, Brittany Byrnes, Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, Jim Henson and Frank Oz
  2. Silly Hats - sung by Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, Jim Henson and Frank Oz
  3. Aiken Drum - sung by Robin Williams
  4. This Old Man - sung by Brittany Byrnes
  5. Daisy, Daisy - sung by Andrea Libman
  6. The Boy who had three Goats - read by Brittany Byrnes
  7. Do your Ears hang low? - sung by Haley Joel Osmont
  8. Beautiful Briny - sung by Mickey Rooney and Edie Adams
  9. My Aunt came back - sung by Tracey Lee Smyth
  10. The Boy who ate nothing but Noodles - read by Robin Williams
  11. Kookabura - sung by Wade Hayward
  12. The Tiger Song - sung by Robin Williams, Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Stevie Vallance
  13. Row, Row, Row your Boat - sung by Billy Connolly
  14. Sally the Camel - sung by Pia Manalo
  15. Captain Hook has the Cold - read by Frank Oz - voices by Paul Goddard and Bob Hoskins
  16. A Hunting we will go - sung by Michael Caine and Billy Connolly
  17. Take me out to the Ball Game - sung by Robin Williams
  18. Yankee Doodle - sung by Jim Carrey
  19. Itsy Bitsy Spider - sung by Michael Caine
  20. Twinkle, Twinkle little Star - sung by Andrea Libman

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