Madeline's Holiday with Mr. Grump is the thirtieth and last Episode of Madeline's Second Season.

The Episode is written by Jon Vitti, Stan Phillips, Judy Rothman Rofe, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, John Swartzwelder, D.B. Sweeney and George Meyer and directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. It guest stars Martin Sheen as Mr. Grump, Martin Short as his Brother, Mickey Rooney as Dr. Cohn, Phil Hartman and Tom Cruise as Taxi Drivers, Billy Crystal as Mr. Pummer, Norma Mortenson as Aunt Saleen, Nathan Lane as Max Bialystok, Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom, Jeremy Irons as Mr. Pene, Ernie Sabella as Edgar Kipling, Mel Brooks as an elderly handicapped man, Eddie Murphy as a black pedestrian, Christopher Lloyd as Sam Howard, Michael Jeter as Jeff Goldreyer, Eric Christmas as Bill Driscoll, Hank Azaria as Moe Howard, Billy West as Larry Fine, Wayne Knight as Curly Howard, Will Ferrell as Franz Liebkind, Peter Falk as Mr. Bene, Hayao Miyazaki as a japanese artist, Chris Diamantopolous, Sean Hayes and Will Sasso as Juggling Clowns, Henry Fonda as a Painter, Gilbert Gottfried as the Police Chief, Joe Pesci, Hugh Laurie, Mark Williams and Daniel Stern as Tax Collectors, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Harry Shearer, Dan Castellaneta, Marty Feldman, Billy Crystal, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Paul Reubens and Ned Goldreyer as the Police, Jim Carrey as the Fire Chief Chris Farley, David Spade, Brent Barrett, Chris Rock, Sacha Baron Cohen, David Carroll, Stuart Pankin and Jim Varney as Firemen, Don Rickles as Detective Marvin Monroe, Vince Vaughn as Alfred Rudyard, Paul Paddick as Algernon Hawthorne and recurring Stars Robin Williams as Mr. Roing, Frank Oz as Mr. Zoingpler, Billy Connolly as Lord Cucuface and Jim Henson as Mr. Sclomper.



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