Madeline: Lost in Paris: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture is the original Soundtrack Album of the 1999 Academy Award winning Animated Disney of the same name. An Album of the same name featuring Scores by Andy Street, Alf Clausen, and John Williams is also released. The Soundtrack is released by Walt Disney Records on Christmas Day December 25, 1999.

Songs from the soundtrack:

  1. Family by 11 little girls, Andrea Libman
  2. We can sing, we can dance by 11 little girls, Stevie Vallance, Jason Alexander
  3. Something is not right! by 11 little girls, Stevie Vallance, Andrea Libman, Jason Alexander
  4. Where is the hope that I once knew? by laceshop girls, Andrea Libman
  5. Togetherness by Andrea Libman, laceshop girls
  6. Family (Reprise) by Andrea Libman, different girls
  7. End Credits Melody by Instrumental

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