Madeline and Goliath is the twenty-second Episode of Madeline's Fourth Season.

It was written by John Swartzwelder and directed by Mark Kirkland. Michael Keaton guest stars as Goliath Simpson.

Flower aka Dumbo

Flower (Bambi) - Dumbo

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) - Mrs. Jumbo

Baloo (Jungle Book) - Timothy Mouse

Elephant Madame Mim (Sword in the Stone) - Elephant Matriarch

Fiona (Sherk) - Elephant Prissy 

Starla (Regular Show) - Elephant Catty

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - Elephant Giddy 

Rumpelskitskin (Shrek) - Ringmaster

Gideon (Pinochio) - Smitty the Bully

Mordiciea,Skips,Musle Man,Pops, Rigby and Benson (Regular Show)

Blu (Rio) - Mr. Stork


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