Madeline and the Bird is the seventh Episode of Madeline's Fifthteenth Season.

It was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore. Mickey Rooney guest stars as Dr. Cohn, Robbie Coltrane guest stars as the Dog Owner, Mel Gibson guest stars as Dr. King David, Martin Sheen, Martin Short, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis, Bill Murray, Gilbert Gottfried and Billy Crystal as the Scrammer Brothers, Donald Sutherland guest stars as Paul Winfell and Billy Connolly guest stars as Lord Cucuface.

It won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, an Environmental Media Award for Best Children's Animated and a CableACE Award for Outstanding Original Song.


During a thunderstorm, Mr. Roing tells a Scary Story to the Girls and a sick Pigeon flies through the Bedroom window and breaks his wing. Unable to find the Home, Anne decides to nurse the Bird back to health. As the Bird regains its health, Anne bonds it. She finds out that the Pigeon can be used to send messages between People, which leads everybody to enjoy their time with the Pigeon, minus the Scrammer Brothers. The Exhausted Bird unfortunately dies when he starts getting weaker, leaving Anne disappointed and very sad.

After a Symbolic Funeral leaded by Mr. Roing, Anne has a hard time coping with the loss and becomes deeply depressed, leaving Madeline worried. One night, Anne ran away from the Old House without anybody noticing while they're sleeping until Mr. Roing and Miss Clavel woke up and the Girls saw Anne's empty bed. Chloe founded a note saying that Anne is running away and never coming back because this world is too dark with death for her. Fearing she might get hurt, Miss Clavel, Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler, Mr. Roing, the Girls and Madeline start looking for her around Paris.

Far away from the others, Anne hides in the Louvre where there's no chance of finding her.


Jon Vitti was very keen to do an "Anne" Episode.

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