Madeline and the Fashion Show is the twelfth Episode of Madeline's Sixth Season.

The Episode is written by Susan Amerikaner and Judy Rothman Rofe, based on the Story Idea by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein and directed by Wes Archer and Rich Moore. Rhea Perlman guest stars as Madame Cliche, Danny DeVito as Robert du Jour, Kathy Bates and Rosie O'Donnel as Fashion lovers, Kate Winslet as Yvette's Aunt, John Ratzenberger as East a la Mode and Harvey Fierstein as a Man wearing Live Cat Suits.

The Episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour).


Madeline and the Girls are given the opportunity to be high-fashion Models and they meet the Top Designer, Madame Cliche (label: CB), whose Fashion Designs are rather erm and Unique. The Girls gets invited to a Fashion Show and Yvette gets bitten by the Cliche Fashion Bug and immediately starts anything CB. As usual, the Bug spreads through the House and everyone wants CB Stuff including Mr. Sclomper and Mr. Zoingpler. Everyone but Madeline and Mr. Roing.

A few days later, they were then invited to take part in a Fashion Show, in which everyone made Clothes made of Cheese. Then, Yvette recieves a Boxful of CB Stuff from her Aunt. She shares them with the other Girls. Later that Day, when they go out for a walk, the Clothes start becoming uncomfortable. To make things worse, they walked right into a live Radio Show with Robert. Madeline voices her opinion and that immediately gets people thinking. Mr. Roing includes the opinion that Cheese Clothes are despicable and they would rather be called "Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys". This almost puts Madame Cliche out of Business.

Later, they walk past Madame Cliche's Store and Madame Cliche gives Madeline an earful. Madeline apologizes and stumbles upon Madame Cliche's rejects (which looks much more better). She decides that she likes it and persuades to put them on a Fashion Show. It's a big hit, it's even worn by Miss Clavel, Mr. Sclomper. Mr. Zoingpler and Mr. Roing. Later that day, Yvette has learnt about what happens when she gets carried away with Fashion and at Night, they add Biscuits (or Crackers) and Cheese from their Clothes.


Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein came up with the Idea of the Girls becoming Models, but were forced to wear Cheese Clothes. Oakley assigned Susan Amerikaner and Judy Rothman Rofe to write the Episode's Script. Writer Jon Vitti pitched the Idea of Yvette having difficulties with Cliche Clothes. The Character Tutu came from James L. Brooks and Sam Simon.

"We want Cliche Purses, too!" was written by David X. Cohen while "Kiss, Kiss", "Mine either" and "East a la Mode" were written by George Meyer.

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