Madeline and the Forty Thieves is the first Episode of Madeline's First Season.

The Episode was written by Martha Moran and D.B. Sweeney and directed by David Silverman. This the first Episode to feature Christopher Plummer as the permanent Narrator. It guest stars Don Rickles as Detective Marvin Monroe, Robin Williams as Chief Clancy Wiggum and Sarah Rose Karr as an Orphan.


Miss Clavel said to the Girls that they should not go outside when they looked outside the Window to see a gust of Leaves falling to the ground on Fall. But the Girls were set to go the Zoo, even though it's windy. The Wind was blowing so hard that the Girls blew to the Polar Bear who was shivering from the Cold. Tigers are turning Blue and Madeline started sneezing at them. That made them sick and faint to the ground, Madeline proclaims to herself "This is gonna hurt me".


This is the first Episode of the first Season in production to air. The Series is a adaptation of the Children's Book of the same name by Ludwig Bemelmans. The Episode is an introduction to the Characters. Award winning Animator, Producer, Writer and Director D.B. Sweeney and Martha Moran wrote the Script for the Episode.

The Episode is directed by Simpsons Director David Silverman. D.B. Sweeney drew the Storyboards for the Episode and presented it to the Crew. Executive Producers James L. Brooks, Andy Heyward, Saul Cooper and Pancho Kohner's reaction to the Storyboards was "This is wonderful Danny!". Walt Disney Animation Studios is in charge of the Animation. The Animation is outstanding when it was completed in rough Sketches. Executive Producer and Writers George Meyer and Jon Vitti suggested that the Show should have Celebrities making an Appearance in Madeline, Sweeney loved that Idea. They chose Christopher Plummer as the Narrator. Don Rickles accepted the Role of Detective Marvin Monroe.

Comedian Robin Williams was at the time credited as a guest star portraying various Characters including Chief Clancy Wiggum. Williams became a regular Cast member in the Second Season beginning with the Character, Mr. Roing, created by Writer John Swartzwelder.


According to Al Jean, "Madeline and the Forty Thieves" finished 1st for the week in the Nielsen Rating with a rating of 20, being seen by approximately 15 Million Homes. Since airing, the Episode has recieved positive Reviews from Television Critcs.


Executive Producers Andy Heyward, Robby London, Saul Cooper, Pancho Kohner, Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Sam Simon, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Walt Disney and D.B. Sweeney

Producers Ub Iwerks, Brad Bird, John Lasseter, Pete Doctor, Stan Phillips, Joe Ranft, Andrew Stanton and Robin Williams

Directed by David Silverman

Executive Story Editors George Meyer and Jon Vitti

Story Editors Judy Rothman Rofe and John Swartzwelder

Staff Writer Jeff Martin

Production Executive Thomas Halleen

Executive Consultant David Silverman

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