Madeline and the Pirates is the eighteenth Episode of Madeline's First Season.

The Episode is written by George Meyer, based on the Story Idea by Betty G. Birney and Jon Vitti and directed by Nancy Kruse. The Episode guest stars Dom DeLuise as Greybeard, Tim Conway and Don Knotts as his clumsy crew, Jim Carrey as Blackbeard, Paul Goddard as Captain James Hook, Bob Hoskins as Mr. Smee, Martin Short as Mr. Starkey, Mel Brooks as the Mayor, Jack Nicholson as Jack Sparrow, Charlie Callis as the Crocodile and the first Episode to have Michael Caine as the voice of Lord Poopdeck.


It was a Hot Day in Paris, too Hot to do anything but sit and moan.


Betty G. Birney and Jon Vitti pitched the Idea of Madeline discovering a Band of Pirates. George Meyer was much obliged to write the Episode.

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