Madeline and the Science Project is the fourteenth Episode of Madeline's Second Season.

It is written by Susan Amerikaner and directed by Matt Groening. The Episode includes Guest Stars Drew Carey (as Doctor Windbag), Harold Lloyd (as Dr. Aguda), Ernie Sabella (as Harold Plopper), Zero Mostel (as Mr. Lane), Harvey Fierstein, Marty Feldman, Chris Farley, David Spade, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Ethel Merman, Jim Carrey (as the Judges), James L. Brooks (as Professor Smithers), Hank Azaria (as Emir Calculus), Ned Goldreyer (as Detective Oz), Roger Bart, Gary Beach (as Professors Bialystock and Bloom), Matthew Broderick (as Dr. Hamlisch), Carol Channing (as Marge Glorp), Henry Fonda (as Cornelius Potter), Lily Tomlin (as Cornelia Potter) and Nathan Lane (as a Angry Farmer).

The Song "Without You" Composed by Alan Menken with Lyrics by Howard Ashman, won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Original Song in an Animated Program".



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