Madeline and the Show Off is the first Episode of Madeline's Sixth Season.

It was written by Tony Geiss and Shelley Zellman and directed by Steven Spielberg. It Guest Stars Dustin Hoffman as the Artist Peekaboo, Billy Crystal as James Joyce, Robin Williams as Harvey Hammonrye, John Turturro as George Kaufman, Nathan Lane as Ernest Hemmingway, Gary Beach as Moss Hart, Roger Bart as Scott Fitzgerald, Richard Kind as Ludwig Bemelmans, Barbra Streisand as Madame Zaftique, Kenneth Mars as Max Bialystock and Mickey Rooney as Dr. Cohn. Both Guest Stars won Emmy Awards for Oustanding Voice-Over Perfomance, Tim Burton, Joe Raposo, John Lasseter, Howard Ashman, Alan Menken and Danny Elfman won a Golden Reel for Best Sound Editing and Steven Spielberg won a World Animation Celebration for Best Director for Daytime Series at the same time as well as a BAFTA Children's Award.




Mr. Zoingpler: Dear Madeline, what is the matter?

Madeline: Yvette is so pretty. And i am Short!

Mr. Zoingpler: There is nothing wrong with being Short.

Madeline: Short Girls do not Model.

Mr. Zoingpler: That is because Tall Girls are easier to see from a Distance. You are every bit as pretty as Yvette.

Madeline: But Mousier Peek-a-boo chose her.

Mr. Zoingpler: Hmm. Perhaps because Yvette reminds him of his Mother or she has another Quality he likes. That does not mean it is the best Quality of all.

Madeline: No?

Mr. Zoingpler: It is just his own Personal Taste. Someday Madeline, someone will come along who thinks you are the most Beautiful Girl in the World.

Madeline: Mr. Zoingpler, really?

Mr. Zoingpler: I am sure of it.

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