Madeline and the Soccor Star is the fifth Episode of Madeline's First Season.

The Episode is written by Sandra Ryan based on the Story Idea by Jon Vitti and was the first Episode directed by Andrew Stanton. Thomas F. Wilson stars as the Kings' Coach, Biff Tannen, Darren McGavin guest stars as the Spanish Ambasador and Bug Hall guest stars as Andre.



Simpsons Writer Jon Vitti came up with the Idea of Madeline's Cousin Andre coming over to visit her. He assigned Sandra Ryan to write the Script for the Episode.

"Dum-Diddle-Umpkin" was coined by George Meyer, "Dumpkin" was written by Jim Henson and "Blumpkin" was written by Jon Vitti.

The Soccor Championship sequences were animated by David Silverman, D.B. Sweeney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Matt Groening and directed by Frank Oz. He recalls the sequences as the funniest Scenes he ever directed. He also wrote the Sequence where Danielle meets her rival Shemp at the Skiing Mud Slide and starts showing off his suit. That makes Danielle very phobic and embarressed.

Deleted Scenes

A Scene in the Soccor Championship where Danielle is at the Mud Skiing Slide and meets her rival, Shemp who is Goal Keeper of the Kings. Shemp started showing off his ugly Snow Suit and made Danielle very phobic and starts skiing down the Mud, in which she gets hurt by obstacles and Mud Piles and rolling down into a Mud lake was cut for time. It was put in the Emmy Award-winning Season Fourteen Episode Madeline and the Glass which was aired fourteen Years later.

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