Madeline and the Steam Trains is the sixthteenth Episode of Madeline's Fourth Season.

The Episode is written by D.B. Sweeney and directed by John Lasseter. It also introduces legendary rail preservationist Ross Rowland as himself.


Madeline and her friends journey to Scranton, Pennsylvania--home of Steamtown National Historic Site--to learn all about steam locomotives, how they work, how to operate one, and what it takes to restore these great machines to working order. Along the way, they meet legendary rail preservationist Ross Rowland (voiced by himself) and Reading, Pennsylvania local railfan Max Medaglia (also voiced by himself).


The Episode is based on D.B. Sweeney's Childhood in Long Island. He remembered always going to the Strasburg Railroad on Christmas Holidays, he's always welcome as a voulenteer for the Train Rides as a Conductor. He even acted as a Clumsy Train Robber for a Comedy Show for Children.