Madeline and the Stooges is the second Episode of Madeline's Ninteenth Season.

The Main Plot is written by Dan Greaney with the Sub Plot written by John Swartzwelder and George Meyer and directed by David Silverman.




(As morning rises, Janine is still guarding the piled up Antiques when the Sun starts rising.)

Janine: (sleepy) I must protect the Antiques. Thieves are everywhere. The New must protect the Old....the Old.

(Janine starts sleeping. Lulu looks at her.)

Lulu: Janine?

Janine: (with a Spanish Accent) In America, first you get the Antiques, then you get the Power, then you get the Stooges.

Lulu: Janine...Janine!

Janine: Wha...What?

Lulu: I want you to forget about guarding the Antiques. You've gone completely Stubborn.

Janine: Oh am i?! Am i really? AH HA!!

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