Madeline and the Tangiwha is the ninth Episode of Madeline's Fifth Season.

The Episode is written by George Meyer and directed by David Silverman. The Episode guest stars Jim Carrey as Stanley Spade, Chris Farley as a Bartender, David Spade as Shemp Puppler and Dean Martin as the Fisherman. It also stars recurring stars Robin Williams as Mr. Roing, Jim Henson as Mr. Sclomper, Frank Oz as Mr. Zoingpler and Michael Caine as Lord Poopdeck.




(Stanley Spade and Mr. Roing are holding the Fishing Rod with something biting it in the Mouth, Dragging the Titanic to move rapidly. They get bumped into many obstacles along the way.)

Mr. Roing: Go ahead you wretched Tangiwha. Waste your Strength, you big ugly Monster!

Stanley Spade: We've got a skillet and a stick of Butter with your name on it!

(Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler, Mr. Roing, Stanley Spade, Shemp Plupper, Miss Clavel, Madeline and the Girls visit a Restaurant to have a bite.)

Bartender: Where are you heading?

Mr. Sclomper: We're heading for Lake Taupo.

Bartender: Oh. Out to find that Tangiwha are you?

Stanley Spade: Sure we are. The largest Monster that roamed the Lakes in all of New Zealand.

Bartender: I hear he weighs five hundred Pounds.

Mr. Zoingpler: Who told you?

Bartender: They did.

(The Bartender points to a Gang of Circus People from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus in America having Dinner.)

Mr. Zoingpler: Oh.

Shemp Plupper: How did they know where the Tangiwha is?

Bartender: Yeah. That there was suppose to be the only known Picture of the Tangiwha. It was pictured in 1911 by twenty Fishermen. They never did captured the Monster. You can't see what he is exactly, it's freakishly big though. But in 1912, they finally found that Monster in a giant Cave. It was brought to New York City to be put on display at the Circus, but it got away and made a rampage in the City. It even climbed to the top of the Building. Bi Planes were attacking the Creature but he's too great. What's more? He flew away back to New Zealand. And here are many Photographs of the Tangiwha that was discovered.

(He shows the Pictures to them. They all look surprised, even Mr. Roing, who is very keen to catch it.)

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