Madeline and the White Lie is the twentieth Episode of Madeline's Seventh Season.

The Episode was written by Diana Fresco, John Swartzwelder and Shelley Zellman, based on the Story Idea by Pete Doctor and Jon Vitti with additional matierals written by Jon Vitti, Matt Warburton and George Meyer and directed by David Silverman. The Episode guest stars John Candy and Kathy Bates as Harris and Marris Farris, Carol Burnett as Mona Lisa, John Travolta as Louis XIV, Jim Carrey as a Guard, Chevy Chase as Leonardo Da Vinci, Jamie Lee Curtis as an Egyption Mummy, Tim Conway and Don Knotts as the curators, Michael Caine as Ship Sailor, Christopher Reeve as Victor Hugo, John Ritter as Herman Melville, Nathan Lane as Egyption King Statue and Steve Martin as Henry.

The Song "One little Lie leads to another" Composed by Alan Menken with Lyrics written by Howard Ashman won an Annie Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Television Production".


The Girls were bored in School because of the Rain that was pouring, even Mr. Sclomper and Mr. Zoingpler were becoming more sleepy than alert. Mr. Roing was busy fixing his new Invention, his thinking Hat. Miss Clavel decides to end Class early and the Girls started packing up.

Miss Clavel heard a Doorbell ringing, Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler and Mr. Roing started running downstairs to open the Door. Miss Clavel opened the Door first, it was Lord Cucuface.



Pete Doctor and Jon Vitti came up with the Idea of the Episode when Doctor read Vitti's scribbling on a piece of scrap paper, "Madeline starts telling lies?". He liked that Idea and they pitched the Idea. Executive Producers James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon and D.B. Sweeney and former Simpsons Show Runners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein approved the Story when Vitti and Doctor pitched it to them. Oakley and Weinstein assigned Diane Fresco, Shelley Zellman and John Swartzwelder to write the Episode.

Writer Tony Geiss suggested the Scenes involving Mr. Roing's thinking hat always exploding whenever he asks a question and Swartzwelder wrote them down with a typewriter. "And remember, no more lies" was written by Frank Oz. "I like Shoes or Clothes or Dolls. Especially Dolls" was written by Dan Greaney. The lines "Should i powder my Wig? Should we attack Spain? Is that a Salad Fork?", "Itsy Bitsy Sphinx" and "Bob Da Vinci" were written by Jeff Martin. George Meyer wrote the Scene involving Madeline and Henry, "I am, i am... A LIAR!!" was written by Matt Warburton and the Catchy Dialogue of Madeline's Story was written by Jon Vitti. David X. Cohen, a writer known among the Madeline Staff for his "Madcap Jokes", contributed the Idea of Mr. Roing falling down the Ladder on Harris after trying to get rid of the Leak. Marc Wilmore wrote the Scene where the Mona Lisa was talking to Madeline. "The Museum is closing, the Museum is closing" and "The Louvre is now closed" were written by Matt Selman. Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky contributed the Scene of which Mr. Sclomper and Mr. Roing are shining Harris and Marris' Shoes.

Voice Acting

Jim Henson and Frank Oz suggested to have John Candy and Kathy Bates as Harris and Marris Farris, in which both Bates and Candy agreed. Writers Tim Conway and Don Knotts voice the Curators, Chevy Chase accepts voice the Role of Leonardo Da Vinci, John Travolta agreed to voice Louis XIV, Carol Burnett accepts the part of Mona Lisa, Comedian Jim Carrey appears as the Guard, Oscar winner Michael Caine appears as a Ship Sailor, Christopher Reeve accepts the role of Victor Hugo, Emmy winner John Ritter appears as Author Herman Melville, Nathan Lane accepts the part of an Egyption King Statue, Jamie Lee Curtis agreed to voice the Mummy and Steve Martin accepts the Role of Henry.

Al Jean and Mike Reiss directed the Voice Acting with Stevie Vallance.

Directing and Animating

The Episode was directed by David Silverman, who was intrigued by the Story and decides to animate the Episode as well. He and D.B. Sweeney animated the Tears running down Madeline's Cheeks and Madeline starting to cry.

Cultural References


Mr. Roing: HOLD IT!!! Dusty pairs of shoes they got there.

Mr. Sclomper: I think it is just a little dust.

Mr. Roing: Don't you worry about that, Mr. and Mrs. Farris, leave the Shoe-shining business to us, we're professionals. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable.

Lord Cucuface: The Farrises are from the state of Texas.


Harris Farris: We are in Oil.

Mr. Roing: What's he talking about?

Mr. Sclomper: Don't know, Roing, ask them.

Mr. Roing: Amateur. Are you referring to our Bike Oil or you're just plain stubborn?

Harris Farris: I'm not plain stubborn, Mr. Roing. What i mean is that, we run the Standard Oil Company. In other words, the Black Gold Business.

Lord Cucuface: And what a wonderful Business it is.

Narrator: Miss Clavel, Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler, Mr. Roing and the Girls were less than calm, as they escorted their guests to Notre Dame.

Henri: Good evening, I am Henri. Who are you?

Madeline: I am, I am.... A LIAR!!

Narrator: Madeline found a kindly Friend, so she told her Story through the end.

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