Madeline on Sodor is the twentieth Episode of Madeline's Fifteenth Season.

It was written by Joey Mazzarino and directed by Jon Stone.


Madeline and her friends travel to the Island of Sodor and meet Thomas and the rest of the Steam Team. Things go from good to bad when Alfred, Crovan, Diesel, 'Arry, and Bert start teasing Madeline for being short. She knows that she's small, but she doesn't need to be reminded all the time. Much like with Thomas in the early days of the show and the Railway Series books, Madeline realizes that it's not all that bad being the smallest of the bunch. Madeline also gets an unexpected and much-needed pep talk from Gordon of all engines. Can Madeline and her friends stop these bullies before they wreak more havoc on the Island of Sodor? Find out in Madeline on Sodor. Coming in January of 2019.