Madeline at the Flea Market is the second Episode of Madeline's Eleventh Season.

It was written by newcomer Cambria Gordon and directed by Chris Noonan. It guest stars Tracey Ullman as The Feather Lady, Madame LePloom, Darren McGavin as the Spanish Ambassedor, John Belushi as a Clock Owner, George Carlin as a Disc Juggler, Rosie O'Donnell as an Impatient Customer, Ringo Starr as a Pompus Seller of Shipwreck Artifacts, Alec Baldwin as a Wise-Cracking Customer, Michael Angelis as a Rushing Customer, Harry Shearer as an Elderly Seller of Model Trains, Mike Myers as Scottish Costumer, Dan Castellaneta as a Shoe Seller, Harvey Korman as Frantic Customer buying Books and Paul Reubens as R.W. Smugger.



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